Finding Rock N Roll and the Macabre through the Gypsy Live in France

From Indie Bohemians:

Marine Craven is the lead singer of the band Voodoo Kills. Marine grew up in a small village in France where her Gypsy parents introduced her to Ouija boards and the Supernatural at a young age. Later, her older brother introduced her to punk and rock n roll. Forming a band and touring in France lead to a relationship with several US-based bands which lead to the eventually relocation to LA. For five years now Marine along with the Voodoo Kills have been spreading their brand of thrash-horror punk rock n roll throughout the country while still maintaining a solid following in Europe and elsewhere. Ron Placone and Marine take a journey through her childhood and talk her art, music, songwriting and more!

About the Band:
Voodoo Kills is a mix of French, Brazilian and American musicians that met in Los Angeles in September 2015 to rock the fuck out thriving with the same love… The love of Rock n Roll.
Paul (guitar) and Marine (vocals) started the band, called Rockett Queens at the time, in 2008 in the South of France.
Quickly understanding how shitty the rock scene was in France they decided to move to Hollywood.
After finding a drummer and a bass player in the Fall of 2011, it took them few months to end up playing on the main stage of the House of Blues ( RIP sad ), The Viper Room and all over Los Angeles… but then what ?
Then… The hardest part for them was to find the right band members.
Two years and a lot of disappointments later they found Mike ( bass ) and Ivan ( drums ) and that’s when the magic happened.
The music is raw, honest and Rock n Roll. Joan Jett PMS-ing if you’d like.

Also in this episode: Ron Placone talks about fruit smoothies and the homogenization of the coffee shop culture. Krish Mohan delivers a FFON.