A Gay Man Trapped in a Woman’s Body: Blurring Gender Norms and Environmentalism with Rhonny Dam

From Indie Bohemians:

Rhonny Dam just wrote her first book, An Atypical Chick. Rhonny describes herself as a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. She does not understand the want to have children, and she is especially out of place at baby showers. In addition, Rhonny is an Environmental Activist that has worked with Al Gore and continues to hold the lines down in her hometown of New Castle, PA, one of the capitals of fracking. Rhonny and Ron Placone talk about breeding, overpopulation, environmentalism, nature, love, voting as a strategy and some contemporary politics talk sneaks in as well.

Angie Dorin rocks a Monkey Minute and Krish Mohan a FFON. Ron writes a theme song for Donald Trump in the voice of Ted Cruz.