GOP Chaos: “This is the Ultimate Reality Show” Paul Manafort  – The Trump\Clinton Conspiracy

Donald Trump is making love to the Republican Party “Bill Clinton-style” and he’s leaving a mark. Rough Trade? The key word in the phrase is ROUGH.

Donald Trump is mortifying the D.C. jet set. In case you don’t know who they are, they’re elected politicos, lobbyists, special interest outfits, think tanks etc. – all feeding off your taxes, your labor. They then turn around and create laws for all kinds of awful shit like taking your tax dollars to bankroll their growing private prison system. Get caught smoking a fatty or sleeping with the poppy? Bam! You punched your ticket to the Midnight Express.

Donald Trump has compromised the principles of the largely Southern base of the party. You remember those guys right? They’re the primarily Evangelical Christians that are the butt of every other political joke over the past 30+ years. They‘re the go-to crowd you might use for a brave meme depicting the violent history of Christianity 600 years ago moments after the next Islamic terrorist attack. If you are one of these unoriginal motherfuckers, know that you aren’t brave or witty or edgy.  You’re a fuckin’ Clown.

He’s embarrassing groups of people that carry guns for a living: Police, Military, and Intelligence Officers. He went full retard on veterans that were captured and tortured in Nam.    

He’s alienating women with an impressive litany of verbal barf convulsions that could stink out the most hardened hobo. Non-whites you ask?  Somebody’s doin’ all the rapin’. If he hasn’t referred to Canadians as snow Mexicans yet, it’s likely incoming.

As its standard bearer, is Donald Trump damaging the GOP brand forever? Is he doing it on purpose? He certainly is going down a checklist of vulnerable constituencies, such as racial and religious minorities and slaughtering them with seemingly off-the-cuff insults like an out of control sex maniac in a peepshow. The GOP has always struggled with those groups, but now has surely lost these growing demographics for at least a generation, if not longer.

He’s degrading the morale and clarity of vision of the stronger constituencies such as evangelicals and ideological conservatives by dividing and conquering.

Since announcing his candidacy in June 2015, Donald Trump has successfully destabilized and Balkanized the GOP. The ‘Never Trump’ camp and the ‘MAGA’ camp trade barbs on a daily bases, souring the feelings of elected and bureaucratic colleagues alike. Because of Trump, these alliances which have been built over years and decades, are stressed at best, at worst these flare-ups have devolved into open hostilities. The GOP has been in skirmishes for months, only now the combat is threatening to shatter the party. Could the elections in both houses now be in jeopardy?     


If you step back from the day to day chaos Trump unleashes on the conservative scene, you realize that Trump has, for whatever reason, emerged from political obscurity and in a very short period of time managed to take over the conversation the GOP has with America. I don’t need to tell you that conversation appears to be lifted from the scribbles of a filthy roadside toilet stall.

There is something about his candidacy; something strange, something off kilter. Those of us who have watched politics as sport for decades know there has been nothing like him. Not even Obama comes close.  Obama for all his shiny newness and novelty was still part of the regularly scheduled programming. There is something about Trump that was originally exciting to me. I kept hearing the phrase “disruptor politician” tossed around. I became so swept up in the heat of the action when he threw Mexicans and Muslims under the bus that I ignored the primary damage he did to the party and the secondary damage that will linger long after Hillary is president. I ignored the demographic trends underway in America and bought into the concept that a GOP majority could somehow be maintained by one single man. I was drunk with the irrational concept that all the GOP needed was a hardcore base, to hell with numbers and math and all the indicators that we needed to bring along 4% to 9% of Blacks and more than 20% of Hispanics OR we needed to get well over Romney’s margin of the white vote, which was already nosebleed numbers. To hell with all your stupid logic and numbers! This is revolution!

It’s bullshit. If the hardcore base of the GOP wants to rule America again, it’s not going to be within the framework of the current system. It will have to be under literal revolution. But I ignored all that. It was like I was under a spell. Hypnotized maybe? Only a master stage craftsman could pull such a chunk of the GOP into his tent. Certainly Donald Trump fits the bill. I’m in my early 40’s and I don’t remember a time where Donald Trump wasn’t on TV. I don’t remember a time when he wasn’t somewhere in the background, either on the radio pushing steaks or on The Apprentice firing people or doing real estate deals in New York. Like Milton in The Devil’s Advocate, he was always there.

“Vanity…is definitely my favorite sin.” – John Milton

But then he was in the primaries, slaughtering the competition. Hurling insults with the force of a mallet. Wiping his ass with decorum and grabbing balls and giving the world a middle finger. Stunned were his opponents. They couldn’t believe that such crass displays would ever get him beyond the first couple of rounds of the primaries. Their calculations about Trump missed the fact that he is a once in a lifetime candidate; a candidate that could make love to the camera and surpass their fundraising machine. By doing so, he could free himself from the stratification that normally happens to candidates being groomed for higher office.  Only Trump could have pulled this off. He was the perfect combination of rich man, business man, and TV star. He was a New Yorker: naturally boisterous and loud. Some say brash, but I’d imagine that’s double speak for totally tacky. He was from a blue state. He was politically ambiguous. Although he was a Democrat and did I mention he was from deep blue New York?  He hung out with the Clintons. He even went golfing with Bill Clinton. The Clintons went to Trumps wedding. He even donated to the Clinton Foundation. He even said kind things about the Clintons. Since Bill’s headquarters was in Harlem and Hillary’s senate career was from New York, I’m sure they saw quite a bit of one another. The planet is awfully small for the elite. They even had a super-secret conversation before his campaign announcement.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

If not I will say it blatantly: Is Donald Trump there to help get Hillary elected? Is this one big reality TV show? Certainly, I’m not the first to suggest this. Check it out. But after the perfectly timed release of a decade old audio and its impact, which was to predictably send GOP insiders stumbling over each other for the exit. It’s starting to feel a little showy and kind of put-on. I mean could you imagine Pat Buchannan giving cash to Planned Parenthood? Donald Trump is not Buchannan and the Clinton Foundation is not Planned Parenthood, so take your favorite GOP figure and pair them up with an unlikely charity. It’s fun and weird. Take your favorite GOP figure and have them golfing or attending intimate ceremonies like weddings with their bitter opponent. If you remove the cult like personality of Trump and put anyone else in it feels ridiculous. Now once you do that, I want to google Ross Perot. He’s the guy that helped get Bill elected by peeling off just enough GOP votes to get Bill in just under 50%. That was over 20 years ago. If that was the plan, and it worked, wouldn’t you want to improve on it? Why not identify gaps in the GOP and instead of a 3rd party run, take over the GOP? Everyone except the Deplorables win. Trump gets an ego boost. He lords over TV for more than a year. His brand might take an initial hit, but like G.W. and Reagan, and McCain we love and forgive a candidate once they are out. The networks get insane ratings. His actions will forever damage the GOP, if not break it. Our friends and enemies overseas get glimpse of how bad they could have it. Hillary gets in and Bill finally inoculates himself from his past.

I don’t know. If this isn’t a set-up then maybe Hillary did sell her soul to Satan, because for all these things to align correctly without some K street magic would be all but supernatural.


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