A Message for ‘Disinfomedia’

"disinformation" trademark registration

Disinformation’s more politically engaged readers will likely be aware of the so-called “fake news” furore. At its center is a man called Jestin Coler, who claims to be CEO and founder of a company called “Disinfomedia,” per NPR. Over the weekend we’ve received a few enquiries asking whether or not this “company” is part of The Disinformation Company Ltd., our Delaware corporation that’s been in existence for nearly 20 years, or related to our federal trademark “disinformation.” The answer is NO, definitely not.

The question should be, is “disinfomedia” really a company at all. Our editors can’t find any trace of it, so we’re handing the challenge to you, disinfonauts: is “disinfomedia” anything more than a derivative name that Mr. Coler has bandied about? So far as we can tell, it’s not an organized company and there’s no evidence of it trading. Let us know in the comments if you find evidence to the contrary.

That brings us to our message for Mr. Coler, who is now put on notice that the use of any name derivative of the trademark word “disinformation” to purvey “fake news” would be damaging in the extreme to The Disinformation Company. You can assume we’ll defend our mark, Mr. Coler.



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