Advanced Sigil Projection VII: Sex Magick is Inherently Feminine

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I make no bones about the fact that before being summoned into sigil projection strangeness, the sexual element of the whole endeavor is precisely what kept me away to an extent. I had to be summoned, de-hypnotized by some inhuman aspect of the unknown cosmos. So I get why it weirds people out. It weirded me out, which is why I never actually tried it until I was forced. I still don’t know if I would have been able to resist that summoning shit even if I wanted to. In retrospect I’m thinking not. The point is that the further I’ve gotten into these psycho-erotic waters, the further I’ve come to an incredibly mundane conclusion. Well, let’s face it, I also subscribe to a lot of otherworldly notions about the nature of psychedelic sex magick, but on a more primordial level, what it’s made me realize is: Jesus fucking Christ are people uptight about sex. Our attitudes and behavior in regards to sexuality make zero sort of logical sense whatsoever and on another note, they tend to drive us all completely and utterly insane.

Here’s the ultra mundane conclusion I’ve come to in regards to sex after all these years. It’s just as crucial to your mental health as brushing your teeth or flossing is to your dental health. No really, it’s like exercise or meditation. You’re not going to die if you don’t do these things, but your likelihood of being miserable goes way the fuck up if you don’t. Sex is like that. If I had to wager, I’d say that your average dude should probably have roughly 5 or 6 orgasms a week and women should have at least 3 or 4. Again, just basic maintenance mental health shit. I pretty much guarantee research into this sort of thing would bare out that there are overall physiological benefits as well, and in fact a decent amount of research already suggests that. I know my talk about communicating with internal UFO’s falls spectacularly left of anything even close to the mainstream discourse map, but on another level, I think there’s something supremely basic here. It’d be pretty easy to prove that people who have at least 4 stoned orgasms a week or something report an increased and overall sense of well being and satisfaction with their lives. I’d bet money on it if anyone wants to prove me wrong by getting this research through. Here’s a funny story. At one point in the midst of a post projection ganj-i-tation sesh, I had this vision of me being a classic almost cartoonishly stereotypical overprotective mother. I was all like: “Don’t forget to masturbate, you get cranky when you don’t masturbate!” to my adult kids walking out the door in this shrill guilt trip voice. And it’s true, I do in fact get cranky when I don’t get laid, fairly demonstrably so actually. In fact, I start thinking about absolutely nothing but sex, which isn’t surprising because there’s some decent science suggesting that jacking off is almost like menstruating for dudes. It’s gets distracting, and yet, the idea that masturbation comes from the devil quite amazingly still lives on in the year 2016.

And that’s the most hilarious aspect of my ascent into these higher waters, when I was summoned into this stuff, I fully acknowledge that the sexual nature of it was a huge part of what was keeping me away, and on the other hand, why? No, really. At that point in my life I was already spending an inordinate amount of my time smoking pot and watching porn. What the fuck was the problem here? Getting into magick made me confront my dark side, that’s for sure, and when I did, I 100% did not understand what the hell I was looking at. Like, on a certain level I’m completely obsessed with sex? Soooo, I’m a human male. I guess the real question is what the fuck is wrong with being completely obsessed with sex on a certain level? Strikes me that there are a lot more destructive things that one could be obsessed with, like say, violence. But most of our art and government spending revolves around violence. In fact, at the core of nearly all the world’s major religions lies a fundamental repression of sexuality and drug use. Feminine sexuality in particular. There’s no real debating this, that’s what most conservative religions believe at their core. They believe that God wants women to be walking baby factories. Again, you don’t want to get all conspiratorial (if we are I’d be the first to point out that it’s not a human conspiracy), but I mean, that is pretty strange. Our religious beliefs have nothing to do with the untapped potentiality of the human imagination. But for some reason, they have to do with breeding. It’s fun to think about why a higher dimensional, possibly predatory life force would want us to breed out of control, but it definitely seems fairly impossible we’ve gotten this spiritually stupid on our own.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned a million times before how I’ve been shown repeatedly in trance states that women are in general more adept and possess a greater potentiality for excellence in the psi arts. It’s funny that the last time I was considering tossing up something about this topic years back I just so happened to open up the Abraxas Occult journal I was reading to realize I’d left off with an article about this precise concept. It’s one thing to have visions, it’s another to realize that people have been writing about the exact visions you’ve had as long as there have been people. But anyway, all this stuff makes sense and is even reflected metaphorically in our genitals. Men’s facing outward, women inward. Men are lower level drones, bound to work the earth. Women are far more designed for exotic introspection. Also, from a perspective of neuroscience, women do in fact think with both sides of their brain, men with only half. I’m fairly sure that might hold some significant advantages, probably even greater than the male’s amazing ability to lift heavier things. So let’s see, being better at dreaming or lifting heavier shit. What’s cooler? I think I know what I’d go with. Lord is our culture out of whack on a fundamental polarity. Seriously, nearly all of our spiritual leaders throughout history have for some reason been men. Nearly all the writers that have influenced my writing have. It’s terrifically fucking nuts, and it’s not even something that had occurred to me at all until my early thirties. That’s just sort of the norm in a lot of cases because our culture is such a misogynist head fuck.

Which is another thing I honestly sort of just loathe about the history of the Occult. There’s a long tradition of seeing women as sex objects for the elevation of their magus men and little more. I think in most cases, it should sort of be the other way around. Especially in regards to sex magick. I mean, as the title of this piece says, in a way, sex magick in particular is inherently feminine. I’m a guy so I know exactly how stupid men are. We’re total fucking primates. Remember how I was referencing my standard guy circa now porn habit? How stupid is that? That’s the way men think about sex. We are literally not thinking about the internal workings of the mind in our sexual fantasies at all in most cases. It’s all ape. Pure materialism. Ohh, me like pretty body, me want to put dick in holes. Woman have pretty face, me want to ejaculate inside of woman and fall asleep (funnier if done in a Grimlock voice from the original Transformer’s cartoon). They call it the reptile brain, and this is why I must insist that I’m not super bright. I have my moments, but I can also go from a well articulated metaphysical diatribe to having my higher mind immediately shut off in a mammalian trance without even fully realizing it’s even happened. All you have to do is throw on a basketball game or have an attractive woman walk by and I’m suddenly half wit monkey man.

But sex magick really isn’t about tapping into that base instinct, it’s about transcending it. Dude’s love porn, women love romance novels. Come to think of it I have no idea why I don’t like give my wife trashy books more often because it always seems to make my life improve substantially when she’s geeking out on that shit. Women think about sex in a completely different way then men. Totally different. They do this thing where they, gasp, associate sex with connecting to another person. It’s far more of an internal process and I don’t even pretend like I get it entirely. The point is that with sex magick you’re having sex and not even thinking about sex. I suppose that’s what struck me as so odd when the concept was first proposed to me. So like, I’m supposed to envision something other than ass while I’m going at it? Why this seems so freaky to us I haven’t a clue. Women are far more prone to concocting fantastical romantic scenarios to get themselves off, so they’re already a step or two ahead of the game on that front.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken