Don’t Fool Yourself, with Pizzagate, The Witch Hunts Aren’t Just Coming, They’re Already Here

A few people asked me what I thought about the supposed Marina Abramovic scandal a few weeks back when it hit and I was just sort of like, ummm, what scandal? I maybe clicked on one link at one point and in two seconds came to the conclusion, please just make it stop. I normally sort of follow politics but this last election cycle was such a non-stop insult to my intelligence I couldn’t even deal with it. The funniest thing being that I’m not particularly smart and that shit was an insult to me. Take that however you want. But of course now after the election I’m realizing I have to be more politically involved which I find incredibly annoying actually. More importantly, I had a slow day at work and had already stumbled on something a bit odd called Pizzagate that kept coming up in my feed (like my writer page for psi intel). Like did you know the alt right just uncovered an Occult pedophile ring? Wait, stop right there. These dorks want to be called the alt right so there’s no way I’m calling them that. How about the tard right? Fuck, that’s too offensive to developmentally disabled people. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be associated with these racist pieces of shit. The hate right? I’m still working on it, it’ll evolve but let’s start from the beginning with the Occult pedophile ring thing.

It all starts with an incredibly well known performance artist named Marina Abramovic. So Wikileaks uncovers this e-mail where the shocking news is uncovered that Abramovic at one point invited Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager to a dinner party via his art collector brother. Now, here, right from the start is where this “scandal” gets a special kind of tard right crazy. Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager DID NOT GO to this dinner party. Buuuuut, he was invited man. Game over. Let me sum up this up as quickly as I can. Imagine if Wikileaks revealed that Donald Trump’s campaign manager was at one point invited to dinner with Robert Di Nero and blew him off. Then, lefty sites like the Huffington Post and started going, see. Wake up Sheeple! Donald Trump is in bed with the devil. Didn’t you know Robert Di Nero’s a Satanist! No, what the fuck are you talking about? Explain this bro!


Aaaaaaand, I just summed up the Marina Abramovic scandal. I am not by any means a democrat but please don’t tell me both sides are the same. Religious fundamentalism has made one side waaaaay dumber and easy to manipulate. Look, I didn’t know anything about Marina at all but as it turns out, on occasion she’s been known to make some sort of spooky art. She likes to get naked and smear herself in blood from time to time, that sort of shit. Don’t all performance artists do this? The dinner that Hillary’s campaign manager got invited to (and again, didn’t attend) was called Spirit Cooking, which is a reference to one of her books and a well known performance. You can watch it right here:

So, she writes some cryptic shit on the walls in pigs blood. One of the messages could be interpreted as having a Thelemic connotation, but I mean, I found zero evidence that she’s a Thelemite or an Occultist of any variety really. Not even one of those weirdo atheists who pretend to be into Satan that are so trendy these days. This is her art, and you know what? It wasn’t hard for me to unearth the fact that she makes a lot of it and very little has to do with smearing blood on herself or drawing pentagrams or anything. She’s been around forever. In fact, as it turns out, I know absolutely nothing about performance art and yet even I’d heard of her The Artist is Present exhibition. She’s basically the only performance artist on earth I’d actually heard of.

Its funny because I always talk about synchronicity and maybe the only reason this article exists has to do with me being slow at work, digging into the topic, starting an internet dialogue, then realizing I was doing so on the night Marina was giving a sold out talk at Town Hall in Seattle where I live. I was also quite unintentionally doing this research on Occult day, which I didn’t even know existed. No shit. When I stumbled on Abramovic’s Seattle engagement I also noticed something glaring. Places like Nordstroms (the swankiest department store in the Pacific Northwest), The Seattle Times, and Amazon were sponsoring the thing. Another way of putting that would be, Abramovic is so uncontroversial to most people that these large rather conservative corporations have no problem throwing money at her work. Buuuut, if Hillary Clinton’s campaign manger gets invited to a dinner party, somehow we’ve now connected Hillary directly to Satan. Only in the minds of the hate right. Here are some other fun things they used to connect her to the dark lord himself. A few years back Marina helped organize this fund raising art event at the Watermill Center (which raised 1.8 million dollars I might point out). OMG guys, it’s called Devil’s Heaven. Wake up Sheeple!

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken