Don’t Fool Yourself, with Pizzagate, The Witch Hunts Aren’t Just Coming, They’re Already Here

Well, yeah it is, but it was actually entirely dedicated to the late artist Clementine Hunter, who’s artwork is basically the least spooky shit imaginable. Here’s how the curator himself described the theme:

“For me, ‘Devil’s Heaven’ is about two worlds being one,” Wilson said. “Heaven and hell exist together.”

And of course the tard right (I know, I know) media machine starts circulating this imagery:


Wake up Sheeple! Okay sure, a naked woman in chocolate, that’s a bit creepy I guess. You do know that’s chocolate not blood though right? No? Well, whatever. What’s important is that they’re not showing you this from the same event:


Or this:


Or say this:


They were just giving you the hell part of the equation. Here’s a video of the whole, not actually spooky in any way, event:

But wait, it gets dumber. They’re also holding this against her from a MOCA event in L.A. Here’s a fun picture they’ve been circulating:


Ooooooh, spooky. Have you ever felt so exposed you hippie libtards? No actually. I mean, again here’s a video of the whole thing:

Fucking terrifying! I guess what creeped me out the most was her reading her artists statement aloud where she talks about how her art is supposed to make people uncomfortable and force them to ask questions. That’s just the start of it though. Then these shirtless hunky dudes carry Deborah Harry out and she sings Heart of Glass. Horrifying what these Satanists get up to. That cake they’re eating? Yeah, it’s a Debbie Harry cake. Just fucking watch the thing. A tad spooky but so obviously harmless.

I suppose my point here is, what the fuck? This lady isn’t even into the Occult and her art isn’t even very creepy. You know what I personally think is way creepier? The demon rape anime porn these 4Chan dorks beat off to. I mean, the people who exposed this “scandal” think the art you just looked at is evidence tying Hillary Clinton to Satan, and they blog about this before watching animated women get raped by demons while they jack themselves to sleep.

Couldn’t make up shit this crazy if I tried, but I had another point and that point is: ummm, actual Occultist here. I write books about communicating with extra-dimensional forms of intelligence through weed based sex magick (super cheap, get on it). WTF? Seriously, scandal me. I could use the sales bump. And that’s the hilarity here, these dweebs couldn’t have picked a better time to jump on this story as Abramovic just released a new book. Man is that going to sell now and here I am, an actual practicing magickian who writes about chatting with daemons. Nothing.

Oh, I see the problem. There is no political reason whatsoever to come after me where with Abramovic the motive is glaringly obvious. What I really learned looking into all this though was that it’s worse than I thought. While Marina gets a free PR sales bump, another dude got caught in the witch hunt crossfire. Another one of those crazy artsy types who as it turns out happens to be associated with high profile democrats. This is where the whole thing flies off the rails into unbelievable dumbfuckery. So, there’s this guy named James Alefantis who runs a hipster-y/pizza joint/art space/music venue in Washington D.C. called Comet Ping Pong. It’s the sort of venue I’ve played in a bunch of times as musician. Now, you ready to be woke sheeple? Wikileaks uncovered that he was included on an e-mail regarding, get this, a pizza logo.

pizzagate1How on earth can you not see how this links him to an Occult pedophile ring? Uhhhh. Lord, so we’re now in a universe where the word pizza is somehow a code for pedophilia and anything a pizza chef says or does involving pizza doesn’t actually involve pizza, but rather pedophilia. That’s literally what we’re working with here. Oh, by the way, this is the logo that’s being discussed in the leaked e-mail (notice how the e-mail conveniently happens right before this event):



You’d think the scandal would have ended there, buuuut, with anything tard right related, the further down the rabbit hole you go, the dumber it gets. Like, check this out from the Comet Ping Pong menu:

pizzagate2Don’t you see? A guy who owns a ping pong themed pizza place had a ping pong paddle logo and the words Play Eat Drink on his menu, which I’ve got to admit, makes perfect fucking sense given the circumstances. But, as you see in the above image, the white right have decided that the phrase Play Eat Drink, like pizza, is actually code for pedophilia. Don’t you see how the ping pong paddles are arranged? Clearly pedophilia related. I mean, sheeple, at this point I shouldn’t even be having to tell you to wake the fuck up! Due to these “obvious” clues and of course, Podesta’s (Hillary’s campaign manager) ties to Abramovic, these people started digging through the dude’s personal Instagram account (not the Pizza place’s mind you) and found some images he posted of children. Here are the most disturbing images they found:

pizzagate4If you’re wondering why that’s supposedly disturbing, the phrase chicken lover is apparently slang that refers to a gay man who likes to fuck male children. Yet, that child is a girl as far as I can tell and moreover, I have no idea who she is. Could be his nephew or something. Chicken Lovers is also a fairly famous restaurant and maybe they just ate a chicken pizza which is why she’s tired. Maybe it is a tasteless joke. I seem to remember an episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia called Franks Little Beauty’s that made tons of jokes about pedophilia. People got paid to write that, but fuck, put it on your Instagram account and you’re running a satanist pedophile ring because democrats. Here’s the second most disturbing image they found:


Remember how we were talking about tasteless jokes? So, the dude posts a stock picture of a baby’s face with a phrase from the Urban Dictionary. Again, a bit creepy maybe, but ummm, I’m not actually seeing any evidence of pedophilia here. There are other pictures of gasp, children, on the guy’s account, but I personally didn’t find any of them even remotely sketchy. I guess the question now is, what does this have to do with Satanism or the Occult? Well, he also posted these pictures on his Instagram account:



Seems a bit spooky, but again, he’s a chef. Looks like chef related stuff. I mean, chefs chop up dead animals every single day of their lives (that is a close up of a pig’s eye if you couldn’t tell). Not sure what this has to do with the Occult. Really? Well peep this image he posted on his account back in 2012 hippie!

pizzagate6First, I’d like to point out that I have zero clue what other stuff the guy posts on Instagram. Could be completely normal shit every single day. What we’re seeing here are just the images the white right cherry picked to make him look bad and they clearly dug through his account back at least an entire four years. Furthermore,wow, so it’s vaguely occult related art (seems Hindu related more than anything), which I’d again point out that he didn’t make, he just re-posted. I guess everyone who liked Eyes Wide Shut or owns a metal album is now running a Satanist pedophile ring.  And this is the dangerous territory we’re getting into with this whole “scandal”. One of the other biggest pieces of “evidence” the hate right unearthed was the art in his hipster music venue:


I mean, sheeple…(I’m not even going to say it). Yep, this art in his all age music venue is being used as “evidence” that this guy is running an Occult pedophile ring. It’s actually by a Northwest Artist/musician named Arrington De Dionysio (I have friends of friends who know him and have never said anything weird, I can only hope he’s getting some free exposure out of this). Clearly it’s about an Occult pedophile ring. Clearly. Oh wait, I think if you showed this piece to like a hundred people and asked them what they thought it symbolized, not a single one would say “Occult pedophile ring” unless they were intentionally lead in that direction. Even when you intentionally lead me in that direction I’m still like, yeah, I don’t see it.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken