Election Theater Countdown

There are two issues I can see which the Trump-fearing Clinton-lovers (or tolerators) are ignoring: one is Hillary’s complicity with the horrendous power-abuses of oligarchy and all we know about that (inescapable fact, at the very least she is remaining silent about it), combined with the strange notion that it is better to vote for one sociopath over another because of their spoken policies or personality traits. But choosing the lesser of two evils is still advocating for evil.

The other is the idea that the presidential figurehead represents anything besides the oligarchy that got hir there, that policies will in any way alter because of a periodical changing of the guard, and that individual votes have anything to do with which figurehead the oligarchy selects to represent it.

There are several levels of unexamined assumptions here that even a rudimentary knowledge of history show to be baseless and closer to a child’s fantasies than to any kind of political reality. What bothers me then (tho it also fascinates me) is the degree to which a person must commit to a series of illusions and drift further and further from reality in order to invest in this narrative. I think this is probably the most important goal of Election Theater.

Since it is almost certainly already known who a given puppet dictator will be many years ahead of time, and since (to repeat myself) it doesn’t matter who they are anyway (being chosen by the oligarchy means already having signed a billion year contract in blood):

Election Theater is meant as distraction. It is like a powerful drug that intensifies an already deep dissociation from reality. It is addictive, because it provides people with an opportunity to focus on a Big Story that includes the illusion that They Can Do Something About It. This massive Suspension of Disbelief (how many times has the Election been shown to be Only Theater?) provides a similar relief from mundane despair as ordinary entertainment does, only that much more compelling.

It is Bread & Circuses, except that now people have the option of never leaving the circus and living on a diet of cotton candy. It is an infantile wish fulfillment fantasy of empowerment that requires total submission to an external power, and perhaps the final irony is that someone can be considered irresponsible by these infant-adults for not voting for more blood sacrifices & sugar-crapola!


Everything politicos say or do is scripted and strategic and generally aimed to keep stirring the pot of public confusion & debate; it’s Greek theater without the catharsis. I pay as little attention as I can to what’s happening on stage, and focus as much as possible on the audience.

Doublethink & polarization seem to go hand in hand: any incoming data can only be perceived in a binary model, as for or against, and if it is against, then it must be in support of the opposing team; meanwhile the fact that one’s own side is equal in every important regard to the enemy (because they belong to the same gaming system) is the dancing elephant in the room, and only keeping one’s eyes & ears tightly closed to everything but the partisan voices in one’s head can keep its reverberations out of awareness.

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Jasun Horsley

Jasun Horsley

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Jasun Horsley