How Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, got Donald Trump’s ear

Alex Jones protesting in Dallas, TX Photo: Sean P Anderson. CC Attribution 2.0 Generic

Congratulations Alex, you deserve the WaPo profile story:

Last December, amid the jumbled Republican presidential nomination scrum, Donald Trump carved out a half an hour for a live video interview with a volcanic Austin radio and web-streaming host who broadcasts from a semi-secret location dubbed “The Central Texas Command Center and the Heart of the Resistance.”

Alex Jones, America’s foremost purveyor of outlandish conspiracy theories, was in a buoyant mood that day. He’d had Matt Drudge, the influential conservative news aggregator, on recently. But this was much bigger.

Trump wasted no time signaling that his mind-set aligned with the host’s. Trump said he wouldn’t apologize for asserting that large numbers of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the collapse of the twin towers in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a claim that fact-checkers have repeatedly refuted.

“People like you and I can’t do that so easily,” the New York developer, speaking from his office in Trump Tower, said. He would later call Jones “a nice guy.”

The December interview would reverberate into the general election as Hillary Clinton tried to use it to paint Trump as an irresponsible crackpot associating with an irresponsible crackpot. It also pushed Jones, who operates the websites and, from the realm of niche showman into the mainstream national dialogue…

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