“First-Class Ticket Straight to Hell:” The Meaning of Trump’s Victory and its Resistance

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Blood stained paper, two empty handles of liquor lying on the ground like young soldiers left to die in some sand-swept hellscape. The curtains are drawn, every siren almost certainly sounding for me. Run Devil Run oil splashed across the front door to ward off Johnny Law and whatever demons enforce municipal codes. What possessed me to do that? The rum or the LSA? Jesus Christ, don’t tell me that pistol I was carrying was loaded!

My mind is haunted by a repeating image summoned by my spirit guide, some noxious symbolic key to the inauguration, the election, perhaps even human history. Too much to think about, too horrifying; crawling, slithering…

Mother of God, how had we gotten here? What kind of journalism was this?

“Why Johnny Ringo, You Look Like Somebody Just Walked Over Your Grave…”

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Source: Twitter

Before the full horror of Trump’s inauguration can fully be digested we must first walk ourselves through the odious labyrinth that brought us to it. I had followed the 2016 elections from the beginning, a roving, drunken reporter crashing Bernie rallies and Trump Volksbund’s in an attempt to understand one of the most bizarre elections in American history. 2016 had been weird, very weird, and magically it felt as if the gates to some radioactive sewer had been thrown open, the misshapen creatures emerging from it not only horrible to the eye but disgusting by all accounts to every decent palate.

There was Bernie Sanders, a faux-socialist who honestly thought he could turn a nation of gun-toting savages into healthcare-sharing Nords while believing in drone strikes, still supporting Saudi Arabia, and still holding the view the United States should run the planet. His policies weren’t that radical at all when viewed from a global perspective, but in the United States he hit a nerve. He thought of himself as a modest reformer, and believed the country did too, when in actuality many hoped believed he was something much more radical.

The Democrats, nothing more than a pack of swindlers and thieves, decided that Sander’s vision was much too radical, and literally stole the primary from him to put a two-bit, lying, disgusting Iguana in the running for the halls of power.

Hillary Clinton’s name will forever be associated with the bleakest of failures since the Goldwater campaign, and even this is too good for her. She lied about almost everything, she freely admitted pretending to give a shit about the poor while throwing $100,000-a-head banquets for the insiders she adored, and her policies were no different from Obama’s except in their bloodthirstiness.

Hillary openly advocated war with Russia, gleefully advanced the wholesale slaughter and destruction of Libya, and even stood in the way of the Syrian peace-process. During the primary I documented a string of outright thefts she used to win, not to mention the entire party coming out for her at all costs.

“An email released by Wikileaks from Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta confirmed the DNC coordinated the debate schedule to maximize the benefit it yielded to the Clinton Campaign. After only six were scheduled, Sanders’ Supporters helped push the DNC and Clinton to add 3 more, but the Clinton Campaign refused to participate in a debate before the California Democratic Primary….

As head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz violated the neutrality demanded by the DNC Charter, and fostered an environment that functioned as an arm of the Clinton Campaign rather than an impartial entity meant to promote and ensure democracy in the primaries.

To help tip the scale in favor of Hillary Clinton even further, Wasserman Schultz quietly rescinding a ban on donations from lobbyists and political action committees initially enacted by President Obama in 2008. The decision was an invite for corporate and wealthy influences to take over the Democratic Party and help Hillary Clinton get elected, as Bernie Sanders’ refusal to take any money from lobbyists or Super-Pacs was a staple of his campaign. This rule change gave Clinton an advantage over Sanders, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz enacted the rule change knowing it would only benefit Hillary Clinton…Even in the wake of negative publicity from Wikileaks, Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned only to be immediately hired by the Clinton Campaign as honorary chair to Clinton’s 50-state campaign program. In lieu of punishment for overtly violating the DNC Charter, Hillary Clinton rewarded Wasserman Schultz for her assistance in helping defeat Bernie Sanders in the primaries.”

In an effort to appease Millennials in the face of Tammany-Hall-level corruption the Democrats introduced an oh-so-progressive platform for the party that amounted to literally nothing:

Minimum Wage. The committee said a minimum wage of $15 an hour is a nice idea, but rejected the Sanders proposal to actually raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. The Clinton members of the committee also rejected indexing any minimum wage to inflation…

Education. For public schools, the platform “reaffirmed Democrats’ commitment to supporting teachers, schools and communities.” Re-thinking federal mandates, not so much. College education for all who qualify, even less. Eliminating (or just mitigating) student debt, not at all…

Trade. “Existing deals must be continuously re-examined and enforcement of those existing agreements must be tougher.” Not tough enough now, with TransCanada suing the U,S, under NAFTA for delaying their Keystone XL pipeline? Not a word about that. And not a word about the pending TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), opposed by Sanders, sort of opposed by Clinton, but supported by President Obama, so the committee felt politically hog-tied and punted (if you can imagine such contortions). The platform says, “A higher standard [undefined] must be applied to any future trade agreements.” Really?..

Universal Health Care. Reiterating its decades-old assertion that “health care is a right,” the platform promotes the Affordable Care Act as a success to build on. The committee, like the president in 2009, explicitly rejected single-payer, Medicare-for-all, despite its manifest popularity and superiority over any other available plan. The Clinton people would have none of it. Universal health care is not even serious pie-in-the-sky.

Military Budget. $600 billion a year for what? Not worth asking.

Intelligence Budgets. Billions more, much in black budgets, and for what? You’d better not ask.”

The convention was a joke. The Lizard Queen had been selected. The only way to sell her to the American people was to find somebody so off the goddamn rails everybody would be too scared to vote against her.

Enter Donald Trump….

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