Maybe It’s Time We Start Asking the Question: Why Do Conservative People Suck at Art?

Admittedly, that’s more than a bit of a click bait headline, but underneath it lies a legitimate inquiry about the nature of human psychology. God, nearly 16 years ago now I completed my oh so profitable degree in psychology, and one thing I learned during that period of my life was: wow does mainstream psychology like to spend its time “proving” obvious shit. I’ll never forget looking over countless studies which demonstrated that sunny weather does in fact have a positive benefit on people’s moods. Someone got paid to spend their time “proving” this, even though it’s blatantly apparent to pretty much anyone who’s ever experienced nice weather. I was more creeped out at how we were encouraged to blindly follow this route to academic achievement than anything else. What you want to do is find something fundamental about the human psyche that everyone knows is true, but that hasn’t technically been “proven” by research yet. Then “prove” that thing. I have no idea what doing this actually accomplishes outside of academic promotions, but it was sort of my cue to bail on the whole scene due to my interests (books out about precognitive dreaming, buy them).

With that in mind, here’s something we should know about human psychology at this point: people who align themselves with conservative politics? Not so good at the arts. This has never been more over the top obvious than with Donald Trump’s inauguration. I mean, it’s been in your face forever, but this embarrassing fiasco is yet another boiling point moment. Zero hip hop artists, and out of the entire world of rock music, pretty much the only band they could find to play this thing is 3 Doors Down. Nickelback catches a lot of grief for sucking quite spectacularly, but let’s face it, 3 Doors Down are a third rate Nickelback clone. We only trash Nickelback because in reality, they’re far more successful than the watered down grunge lite shit show that is 3DD. They’re who you get if you try to get Nickelback, but Nickelback’s like “We’re Canadian and we hate you!”, so you go down the list and are like, well, Candlebox is booked. Seven Mary Three turned us down. Matchbox 20 have a conscience apparently after making that album with that Santana guy who keeps stealing American jobs. How about Creed? Fuck, even they can’t stand Scott Staap. Okay, what other shitty 4th rate commercial radio yarl band from 15 years ago can we find? Ooooh, how about 3 Doors Down? They said they’re in, but they want more cash than they’ve been paid to play in the last decade. Done.

Now, I’m not implying that all creative types are repulsed by conservative politics, I’m just saying that I’m guessing roughly 90% are. I couldn’t find the definitive research “proving” this, so what I’m suggesting is that some ladder climbing psychology student gets off their ass and conducts it. And no, I don’t think this deficiency in conservative creative thinkers has much to do with the “culture of Hollywood” or whatever other bullshit reich wing propagandists like to blame it on, but moreover, that there’s something fairly fundamental about human psychology going down that’s rarely discussed. And before you get to calling me a libtard piece of cuck shit or whatever, do yourself a favor. Go scan through the gajillion or so pieces I’ve written for this site over the last 4 years and find the part where I say nice things about the Democrats (other than Bernie Sanders). I’ll wait. The Democratic party’s creepy pro Wall Street agenda sketches me out to no end, and yet, I can sum up the entire Republican modus operandi in 3 words: fuck the poor.

They’re so over the top about it. With the white trash Jerry Springer shit show that was the last year of American politics, all these “I’m not sure who’d be a worse president” lefty anarchists seemed to be neglecting something important. Donald Trump’s proposed economic policies are now, and were always as follows: Huge tax cuts for rich people. Huge tax cuts for corporations. More, incredibly extreme corporate deregulation. Super expensive healthcare for poor people. And my personal favorite: cutting social services in favor of increased military spending which doesn’t go to the troops, but rather to the people making the weapons. It’s the precise opposite of what Bernie Sanders wanted to do, but more importantly, it’s the precise opposite of what Jesus would fucking do. Yet somehow people got duped into thinking this guy was an outsider despite the fact that those are in fact the exact same policies of George W. Bush and the Republican party in general, ever since I’ve been a person. It’s just even more extreme now than it was back then. These people were downright tame when Bill Hicks, Hunter S. Thompson, and Robert Anton Wilson were trashing them.

And it’s not like these trickle down policies won’t work. They will absolutely make rich people even richer in the short term before the economy eventually tanks which will also make rich people even richer. This is precisely what they’re designed to do. The trickle down part? They don’t believe that. The people that voted for them in rural America believe that, the politicians don’t. Same deal with climate change, as we now know. The most vocal opponents of climate change don’t believe it’s junk science. They’re getting paid by the oil industry to tell people it’s junk science, but they don’t believe that. Same shit with trickle-down economics. It’s a con game. You spend a bunch of money on “we’re the Jesus party who’ll protect you from terrorists” propaganda to get people to vote against their own economic self interests. Works like a charm on the evangelical set.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken