Punching Nazis in the Face

The internet has been ablaze in the past week with talk about punching nazis, ever since white nationalist Richard Spencer was clocked at Trump’s inauguration celebrations. While ethicists interviewed by Mic, and philosopher Slavoj Zizek say that the punch wasn’t justified, most of the leftists on Twitter and Facebook celebrated the incident, putting the video to music and adding special effects.

The event highlighted long-standing disagreements between Liberals and more radical leftists about the place violence should play in the struggle against fascists and nazis.

Public policy polling found this:

only 18% of voters think it’s acceptable to punch a Nazi in the face, to 51% who say it’s unacceptable and 31% who are unsure on the moral quandary of our times. Clinton and Trump voters are actually in alignment on this with only 18% of each saying it’s ok to punch a Nazi. 78% of Jill Stein voters though say that they are pro punching a Nazi, this may be where Hillary fell short.

Listen to the Srsly Wrong Boys get to the bottom of the Nazi punching question here:

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