No Soros Required: An Anarchist Letter to an Occult Author

(Originally published at Gods & Radicals)

“Every vagabond way of life displeases the bourgeoisie. And there are also intellectual vagabonds, to whom the hereditary dwelling place of their fathers seems too cramped in and oppressive for them to be content any more with its restricted space and so go to find more space and light far away. Instead of remaining curled up in the family cave stirring the ashes of moderate opinion, instead of accepting what has given comfort and relief to thousands of generations as irrefutable truth, they go beyond all the boundaries of tradition and run wild with their impudent criticism and untamed mania for doubt. These extravagant vagabonds form the class of the unstable, the restless, the volatile, formed from the proletariat; and when left to give voice to their unsettled natures, they are called unruly, hot heads, fanatics…” – Max Stirner

“Let this be known. Let it be finally understood that in the current society we are the vanguard of a barbarous army. That we have no respect for what constitutes virtue, morality, honesty, that we are outside or laws and regulations. They oppress us, they persecute us, they pursue us. Rebels constantly find themselves before the sad alternative: submit, that is, abolish their will and return to the miserable herd of the exploited, or accept combat against the entire social organism.” – Victor Serge

The failing of any ideology is its inability to think outside its own parameters.

The Soviets couldn’t see the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, led by worker’s councils and a Revolutionary Committee, as anything other than a foreign threat to Stalinist rule. Rather than hear out the demands for a more democratic style of State Socialism they responded with bullets and tanks.

In Vietnam, the United States was convinced they were batting the newest Soviet-created threat and the Vietnamese were mere Kremlin puppets. Anyone with a passing knowledge in Vietnamese history would have known they’d been fighting against imperial control since WW2, first against the Japanese and then against the French. Ho Chi Minh, while certainly a socialist, was also a nationalist and wanted above all else a united Vietnam run by the Vietnamese; Truman’s own Office of Strategic Services told him as much. Any myths of State Socialism’s internationalist ambitions came to an abrupt end when “Communist” China and “Communist” Vietnam went to war shortly after the Americans withdrew.

And now when I see you shake your head at the “intolerance” of “professional Anarchists” and the “paid protesters” of the Left, whom you regard as duped minions of some grand political conspiracy just waiting in the wings, I see you have fallen into the same trap.

I’m sitting in a hotel about 30 miles from anything in the backwaters of Florida with no WiFi, no TV, and nothing but a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s and my wife to keep me company. The room hasn’t aged since it first gained electricity in the 1960’s and is so remote the Gideons never laid eyes on it. Yeehaw Junction, a town of 210 people in the loosest sense of the word, is really just a bar that’s been in operation since the 1880’s. Come morning the original buildinga brothel up till 1976will play host to truckers, cowboys, and whoever the hell happens to show up.

But for now, save for the frequent rumbles of 18-wheelers on their way to somewhere, I am left alone with my thoughts. Here I can think, wrap my head around the fraying strands of American politics as I sip strong drink that dulls the mind and excites the blood; a castaway on a roadside island whose only inhabitants are a drunken conjurer, his blushing bride, three chickens, two pipeliners, and the spirit of a man who doused himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire in the parking spot ahead of me.

Only a fool would ignore the very alarming fact that the same agency responsible for the torture, murder, and rape (and not necessarily in that order) of thousands seems to be engaged in open war with the Trump administration:

What’s going on in the intelligence community with this new president is unprecedented. They are making every effort to up-end him. Who knows what the truth is anymore? This is like the electronic version of Mad Magazine: spy versus spy.  …The bottom line is: we should not start a cold war again with Russia. The American people forked over billions of dollars for the last one and changed the quality of life in this country. There’s something wrong going on here in the intelligence community.

I want to remind the viewers and all those who are on the panel, that in the closing months of the Obama administration they put together a deal with Russia to create peace in Syria. A few days later, a military strike in Syria killed a hundred Syrian soldiers and that ended the agreement. …Inside the intelligence community and the Pentagon there was a deliberate effort to sabotage an agreement the White House made. This is like Deep State. This is like some kind of a spy novel. But it’s real and the American people have to understand that a game is being played with the security of our country.

Every day things get weirder and new armies enter an already crowded field. The United States government, far from the monolithic force its presented itself as all these years, appears to be nothing more than a festering pit of competing syphilitic vipers. Like watching some strange, cobbled-together freak of science we are both horrified yet mesmerized, each leaking sore and puddle of drool, each alien proboscis and misshapen limb dizzying our minds with questions of how the hell such a thing came to be.

There are as many theories, perspectives, and boogeymen responsible as there are people to dream them up.

For some, though, a strange affliction has seized them, perhaps Jungian and unconscious in nature, that can lay eyes on this maelstrom of interconnected interests and pure Wille zur Macht and be absolutely certain there is some hidden agenda silently guiding it all. These poor soulssome of them occult authors of note that shall not be namedhave switched out God’s robes and beard for the Pyramid Eyes of the Illuminati, the fundraisers of George Soros, or the swastikas and sickles of spooky foreign ideologies.

To these symbolism-ridden theorists everything ultimately has one source, a humanistic monotheism pulling the strings.

For them there are no real protests, merely paid provocateurs; no systemic racism, merely sensationalist stories; no actual problems save for the aberrations to Adonai’s architecture that are surely alien in nature.

How do you explain something to someone who refuses to believe in its existence? That’s what I’ve been struggling with for about 13 hours as the due date of this report inches closer and closer each passing minute. I have no words and must fight back thoughts of pistol-whipping you. I have been shocked and appalled by the ungodly amount of kool-aid kooks that have infested the magical scene and placed an all-powerful god behind everything and you are right there with them.

Ferguson? CIA.
Berkeley? CIA.
Bernie Sanders? Clearly not the CIA! Whadda take me for, an idiot? Why he’s a former MKULTRA sleeper cell newly activated to bring down our illustrious republic.

Let’s say, just for the sake of Lady Gaga being a secret Satanic priest, that every action by radicals for the past year has had CIA agents nestled within them.

Recent leaks have indicated that the CIA successfully infiltrated all of the major French political parties leading up to and after the 2012 elections. While cause for concern, nobody in their right mind would consider French politics a “creation of the CIA,” as if the entire country was nothing more than American spies donning fake mustaches and berets in an elaborate ruse to get what they desire. The riots due to the recent “accidental” anal rape of a black Parisian by police have less to do with American empire and more to do with the scandalous idea that cops can violate someone’s anus with a baton so violently it requires surgery and get away with it.

See? No Soros required.

But that’s the trick, isn’t it? You have to live in the same world those people do. If you live in a world where….

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