Same ol’ Doom: Addressing American Fundamentals.

Trump’s presidency is a symptom of American fundamentals breaking down.

The majority of Americans are not now running about defacing mosques, harassing Mexicans or grabbing women by the pussy. However, what’s going to happen when it’s time to build the wall? What’s going to happen when it’s time to clearly identify those Muslims that have their proper paperwork in order?

In terms of political pendulum swinging, I think our grandfather clock is stuck. Of course the only result, the result that happens, usually every eight years, will be that the pendulum will swing equally violently the other way. What is that going to mean? Personally, I’m hoping for the end of money, governmental servitude, labour for gruel and a chicken coop to sleep in. I might be setting my sights a little high, it’s my prerogative.

The majority of Americans are victims of a living system that has been hijacked to make the rich richer, by defying nature. Unfortunately, it’s only the extremists that are aware of this reality. Conspiracy theorists find their fodder in the fringes and as truth will out it’s only a question of time before everyone learns that truth. I think everyone accepts this conspiracy as real, they simply shrug and say, “Yeah, but what are ya gonna do about it?”

It’s a fair question. The answer is “something.” “Nothing” is no longer an option. Ask ancient Rome.

But it all starts by understanding 1.) There is a problem. 2.) The problem was created. 3.) The problem can be solved. Consider the following:

1. Folks don’t think about the bell curve nature of existence. Folks don’t realize that things like morals, governments, cultures and corporations are living systems, susceptible to the laws of nature. Nature exemplifies the mean by way of cooperation over competition. Living systems must work together to succeed over other living systems. From the micro to the macro, these living systems go on seemingly forever, interconnected. All living systems are subject to the same laws of existence. Read: Conservatism is Unnatural 

2. As beings able to create and change living systems, it can be argued that we have doing so as our purpose, our reason for being. It could even be argued that it would be natural for us to have “birthed” our ability to create and it might remain for a time before disappearing, as it seems, most things do. Wouldn’t it make sense for us to make use of our powers while we have them? What would it mean to do so correctly? The only way we can fairly define “correctly” is to find consensus, which would likely rest in the mean. Read: Live Life Properly: How philosophy can save the world. 



Brian C. Taylor is a writer of fiction, criticism, philosophy and for film as well as a filmmaker.

He has published 7 books since 2010.

His production company En Queue Film has produced many short films and one feature, Battle at Beaver Creek.

Brian lives a quiet life in a small farming community in western Canada with his wife.

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"The reason I do what I do is simple and complicated at the same time: I believe there is a great disparity in the quality of human life which is entirely caused by greed, prejudice and fear. Most of my work is a commentary upon this fact, or a critique of it, or an attack on it."

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