Same ol’ Doom: Addressing American Fundamentals.

3. Some of the living systems we’ve designed have flaws the fly in the face of the laws of nature. In the living system of American politics, for example, the semantic deception of dialectical theses lead to extremes continuously pushing away from the middle. This stretches out the mean, thankfully expanding opportunities for finding balance, yet with only two options to choose from, the median is always a short lived fulcrum. The populace don’t see it this way, they are either right or left, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, etc. They don’t believe they have been socially engineered, rather they believe that their living system is merely more correctly in tune with what is required, than is your living system. In any dialectical living system, when you are only given two possible things to be, extremes will occur in times of competition and reduce during times of cooperation. The most forward momentum, the most good and the most right will be accomplished during times of cooperation. So why not aim for this mean, rather than one of two exact opposites? Read: The Semantic Deception of Dialectical Theses.

4. Opinions and beliefs are subjective. Information is debatable. Truth and fact are not. Unless you’re an American. Then entirely fictitious creations of human imagination become reality to be espoused upon and then defended by the creators when the rest of us say, “Hey, wait a minute! That’s not true.” This is a recipe for disaster. In the first place it comes only from people for whom the truth doesn’t work. If the truth is in the way of an agenda, the agenda is, for lack of a better phrase, “Not conducive to reality.” People who spend there creative abilities dreaming up “alternative facts” to substantiate their agendas are one of two things: A.) Liars, who know they’re lying, don’t care and will continue to push forward, or B.) Liars, who don’t know they’re lying, which makes them mentally ill and not only unfit to make indelible marks upon reality via elected office, but quite likely to be unfit for life at all. Nature has no interest in masturbation. These people are entirely self serving, with or without cognisance. They are entirely competitive, even their cooperation is competitive. Read: Truth, Proof and Fact: You think, it’s rare.

Now, everything I have just said is a valid source of good change. If you believe it isn’t, congratulations on being in the minority of people that can understand such complex issues, most Americans can’t even see the problem. However, you are incorrect. Please change your mind or do your best to cease making indelible marks upon reality. You are counterproductive. It would be most beneficial to the future if you had never existed in the first place.
If, however, you agree with everything stated above, that’s great, especially if you previously had an opposing position, or no position, prior to reading the above article. It’s not enough to agree. You have to push back against these counterproductive ideologies. It’s going to be difficult, resistance always is. But to sin by silence makes us cowards. Let’s not be cowards. Let’s be at the forefront of a Reasonable Revolution, a revolution of reason. I can think of no time when it was more needed.

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