Advanced Sigil Projection VIII: Omni-Dimensional Protest Sigils

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Before the last edition of this series, I had zero intention of doing anything like this at all but let’s face it, the times they have a-changed. I suppose I have to hold myself accountable for being too complacent about this sort of shit like nearly everyone else. First off, I never thought in a million years it could ever get nearly this bad. I didn’t even watch any of the debates and tried to avoid all election coverage like the plague because, well, Bernie Sanders lost and I can’t listen to Donald Trump speak without wanting to vomit blood. He’s just too inarticulate and it makes me want to die. Sorry, I spent my youth obsessively reading books. Can’t deal with it. The week he got elected was of course pervaded by Strange synchronicities in my life. Literally, the Dr. Strange film came out the Thursday night before the election, and at complete random I had to pick my wife up from the airport that Friday, so I was like, fuck it, I’m going to take the day off and hit the 3-D IMAX matinee.

I’ve never been a horror movie Occultist at all, I’m more of the comic book variety. I want to use my abilities to right wrongs and try my best to adhere to what I refer to as Spider Man morality. Great power, great responsibility, you get the gist. Most people into the Occult are wannabe Crowleys, Blavatskys, or Spares. I’m a wannabe Dr. Strange. He’s been my favorite comic book character forever and I’ve been obsessed with comics since I was roughly 8, way before I was into magick. So you watch this film about your fictional idol getting ensnared into an Occult battle he wanted nothing to do with, then the next week you’re like, fuuuuuck! Time to step up to the plate. A few weeks after that, the biggest movie in the country was Fantastic Beasts I might point out. Think about that one for a minute. Right after Donald Trump won the election, the two biggest films in the country just so happened to be about sorcery. What on earth is going on here? Things are getting hyper weird, that’s what.

I’ve been working on this for roughly 4 months now and had honestly been sitting on it for a bit, but was recently told to fire when ready. It took a lot of effort not to act out of anger and gather the proper intel before diving into this project head first, but that sort of thing typically pays off (read the rest of this series to learn why this is important). So let me get you briefed on what you’d be embarking on if you choose to protest in this fashion. Really interesting stuff actually. After Christmas dinner with my dad’s side of the family the conversation inevitably ended up in the political spectrum with everyone basically throwing their arms up in the air all WTF style verbally. Later that night I’m shown how hilarious this all was to the spirit world. Why? That’s where it gets compelling. One, we all have these ideas about what’s going on, and we’re all essentially clueless. Two, we actually still think about things in terms our own country. That’s how primitive we are to these entities. That’s the joke that is our 5th dimensional film. Seriously, we still give a fuck about things like countries. We’re a bunch of goddamn apes, but we’ll figure it out eventually I suppose. The entire plot’s interconnected. All consciousness is interconnected, which is why magick works. Magick works, because all consciousness is interconnected. I’ve demonstrated this repeatedly I might point out (read my books for details on all that).

Got it. These sigil exercises aren’t about Trump. They’re about all the creepshow fuck boi’s like Trump all over the world. America is a tiny part of a giant, intertwined super story. The intent to this stuff is the same as it’s always been with me, to raise the consciousness of the species. Will a douche like Trump be affected by such a thing? Absolutely, but again, it’s not about him. There are millions of predatory garbage people out there. This puts them all on notice. Thinking like that requires grossly oversimplifying things though, we have zero clue what’s actually going on remember? The whole thing’s a parody and we need to try and get the joke.

That’s the point and I’m not going to lie, there are some dark and shitty shenanigans going down behind the veil. I’ve been pointing that out for a while. The good news is that it is in fact humor, but humor that you’d have to properly distance yourself from the ape scene to comprehend mind you. Man, very dark vision that it’d take almost longer to explain than it’s worth (wrote about the whole thing on Facebook if you’re curious), but I can give you the gist. It was maybe a bit like the show Superjail! but darker. Strange vibes. There are certain entities writing this psychodrama that find our suffering hilarious. I get it, the point is that there’s a larger reality and we’re merely insects. From the other side of death, this would seem funny to some of us too (probably me). But therein lies the problem, why? Why all this low brow bullshit? Couldn’t we get better ratings if we weren’t always appealing to the worst in all of us? We have a goddamn reality TV show president. I mean, I get it, it’s a fucking train wreck, but can’t we make a psychoactive space train instead? These sigils are designed to appeal to both the higher level writing team and the lower level daemons who execute their bidding. Everybody’s tired of this nonsense. We need to do better. Kick these repressed, creepily over masculine lizard brain triggering twats off the writing team payroll. We need more utopian sci fi and moreover, we need to alleviate the fear of death from the human condition stat. We need to start raising our goddamn kids. We start to do that, the ratings really pick up.  We might actually get some outer dimensional female viewership for once. “New models, new outcomes” as I was once told.

The other most compelling vision I had in regards to how to frame the intent to these sigils happened not long before the inauguration. In this deluge I was shown how the entire point to all this collective political psychosis was to pull people together. I saw protesters gathering, then my perception faded out to gorgeously animated scenes of blood flowing through the body, almost like in those biology movies they make you watch in grade school, but artier. Over and over again. Protestors coming together, blood healthily flowing through body. A few days later protests the likes of which I’ve never seen started erupting everywhere. People say visions are meaningless, and it’s like, nope, just speaking in a language you’ve been programmed not to understand. If you can’t catch the metaphor there, you don’t have hands.

So with all that in mind, here are the exercises. Nothing super complicated at all by design. This stuff is supposed to be so easy anyone can dive in. Low risk too and protected. Let’s face it, we’ve been protesting one way for years, externally. Time to turn things inward. For the layman, all I’m really suggesting is to try these visualization exercises once a week or so at first, then maybe up it. I think it always helps to put yourself in an altered head space by whatever means necessary. I’m a huge weed fan myself, but to each his own. Sober meditation works just as well, and hell, I do this shit all day every day. Once you start exercising the muscles of your mind’s eye, it can get addictive. Do it when you’re bored at work. Do it when you’re actually out protesting. Start with this image. What this represents is the higher dimensional sacred feminine. These would be what I was referring to earlier as the writers. We need the sacred feminine written back into the talking monkey plotline. We need to embrace the nurturer rather than the warrior. We need genetics rather than machines. We need to harness the power of the womb rather than capitalist death bots. That’s what this sigil represents.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken