Couple Wrongly Convicted Of Satanic Pedophilia Finally Cleared After 25 Years

Well, this breaking news is a tad pertinent to some of the things I’ve been posting on the site lately. It blows my mind how many people can’t seem to figure out that the Illuminati Panic of today is just a clever re-branding of the Satanic Panic of yesteryear. This story is just another reminder that these reich wing witch hunts often have quite innocent victims. In this case a couple wasn’t just harassed relentlessly, but actually served a 21 year sentence for supposedly being satanic pedophiles. As it turns out, that was just some bullshit paranoid fundies made up. The couple were let out of jail in 2013 (after 21 years), but were finally cleared of this ultra shitty accusation earlier this week. From

“The end has arrived for one of Travis County’s most controversial court sagas.

Nearly two years after the state’s highest criminal court overturned the child sexual abuse convictions for day care owners Dan and Fran Keller, Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore will file court documents Tuesday declaring them “actually innocent” under the law and dropping pending charges against them.

The decision will resolve all outstanding criminal issues for the Kellers, who were convicted in 1992 and served more than 21 years in prison in a case that generated national headlines amid allegations that they performed satanic rituals on the children. The couple, now elderly and described by their lawyer as destitute, has been free on bond since 2013 and will each be able to apply for $80,000 for every year mistakenly spent in prison.

“I believe under the law that I am charged with this responsibility — and it is my personal decision,” Moore told the American-Statesman and KVUE-TV.

In a prepared statement to be released Tuesday, Moore said she is filing a motion to dismiss the charges because, “no credible evidence exists that inculpates the defendants” and “I believe that the defendants are actually innocent of the crime for each was sentenced.”

The case was unresolved when Moore took office in January. She said her only options after the decision of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals were to retry the case — which she said was not feasible or appropriate — or dismiss it for standard reasons, such as insufficient evidence or the need for more investigation.

Moore said after consulting other prosecutors, reading a transcript of the Kellers’ trial and reviewing state law, she thinks the couple meets the legal standard for actual innocence, meaning there is not enough credible evidence that they committed the crime and that a reasonable juror would not convict them.

Convicted in a joint trial in 1992, the Kellers were sentenced to 48 years in prison after three young children accused them of sexual abuse during bizarre satanic rituals in the day care they had operated for two years from their three-bedroom home in Oak Hill.

In tales that grew more fantastic as the investigation progressed, the children recalled watching the Kellers dismember babies, torture pets, unearth and desecrate corpses, videotape orgies and serve blood-laced Kool-Aid.

At least four law enforcement agencies conducted wide-ranging and vigorous investigations, yet no proof of satanic activity was discovered.

But it was the early 1990s when a cottage industry of therapists, authors and investigators peddled now-discredited claims of a national network of secretive cults that targeted day care children for sex and other ritualistic horrors – often under the protection of top politicians and law officers.

When defense lawyers argued that the children’s tales were too far-fetched to be believed, prosecutors countered with a psychologist, billed as an expert in satanic ritual abuse, who testified that some sex abusers used bizarre rituals to intimidate and control their victims.

The Kellers, tried for sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl in their care, were found guilty.”

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Can you think of a worse fate than being wrongly convicted as not only a pedophile, but a satanic pedophile? Unfathomable. I can only hope the couple get the max 80 grand a year each they potentially have coming to them, even though that amount of money isn’t even sort of enough to make up for this level of extreme bullshit. I’m sure they’re better people than me, but I’d personally spend it all on a calculated campaign of harassment designed to the ruin the lives of the fundie dumbfucks who put me in jail. Man, that’s a pretty cool movie idea actually.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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