Greetings Disinfonauts!

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of.. no wait a minute..

I make comics and have no good taste at all.

My comics are self published in a zine I make called TERRIBLE and I have had my men contact DISINFO’s headquarters to ask them if they would be interested in publishing weekly strips. After hard negotiations, DISINFO accepted. So I will make some comics exclusively for DISINFO in the coming weeks. If you guys like them, I’ll make more. If you don’t, well. … I’ll be pretty disappointed but I’ll get over it.

For the first week, here’s a few of my most recent ones, published in the two first issues of TERRIBLE.

stoppedwatching28 pagesfacebook1000years




If you want to know more about my stuff, check out:



























They call me Nadim and I live in Montreal, Qc.
I'm a level 15 customer service representative
and a level 6 comic book artist.

I draw comics and listen to rock'n'roll.

You can observe most of my work at www.96eyes.com