Jeff Sessions on Proposed Drug Policy: “I’m Oooooooooooooooooooooooold!”

Man, is there anything more annoying than the idiot supposed libertarians who for some reason support this new creepshow regime? The only cool thing about the libertarian party is that they’re anti exorbitant drug war and war machine spending. Seriously. That is the ONLY cool thing about the libertarian party. Buuuut, a ton of these libertarian jackasses then supported a candidate who wants to double down on these bloated (and failed) policies to create a much bigger and more invasive “deep state”. Oh, and they also want to expand the surveillance apparatus and take away your internet privacy. Oh, and they also want to drastically slash the corporate tax rate. Take that globalists!

I shouldn’t have to explain to you why this makes zero sense. It’s almost like these neo-libertarians were jazzed on the con game sales pitch and didn’t bother to look at the fine print. You can find a million articles online about how utterly sinister and regressive Jeff Sessions’ proposed drug policies are, but why not this one from that bastion of liberal hippiedom, The Atlantic:

“In a memo released Friday (May 12th), Sessions instructed federal prosecutors nationwide to seek the strongest possible charges and sentences against defendants they target. “It is a core principle that prosecutors should charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense,” he wrote. “This policy fully utilizes the tools Congress has given us. By definition, the most serious offenses are those that carry the most substantial guidelines sentence, including mandatory-minimum sentences.”

Friday’s policy change effectively rescinds Obama-era guidelines for federal prosecutors that were designed to curtail the harshest sentences for defendants charged with low-level drug offenses. The previous memo, first promulgated by then-Attorney General Eric Holder in 2013, reserved the most severe options in the federal sentencing guidelines for “serious, high-level, or violent drug traffickers” instead of defendants charged with lower-level offenses.

Holder’s changes addressed longstanding criticisms of the federal posture toward drug crimes. “In some cases, mandatory-minimum and recidivist-enhancement statutes have resulted in unduly harsh sentences and perceived or actual disparities that do not reflect our Principles of Federal Prosecution,” he wrote at the time. “Long sentences for low-level, non-violent drug offenses do not promote public safety, deterrence, and rehabilitation.”

To that end, he instructed prosecutors not to list the quantity of drugs seized when charging a defendant unless he or she was “an organizer, leader, manager, or supervisor of others within a criminal organization,” had used violence, or had a lengthy criminal history. Prosecutors should also consider, he said, if their charges “would create a gross sentencing disparity” compared with other defendants.

Sessions’s new memo effectively rejects that stance, insisting on seeking the maximum punishments lawfully possible. “Prosecutors must disclose to the sentencing court all facts that impact the sentencing guidelines or mandatory-minimum sentences, and should in all cases seek a reasonable sentence under the factors” prescribed by federal drug laws, he wrote. Any deviations from the policy require “supervisory approval” from the Justice Department.”

Read the rest at The Atlantic. If you enjoy their content, we highly recommend buying a subscription or otherwise contributing to their site. You tip your moving guys. Just pointing that out.

But you know, the libertarian party’s big champion for years, Ron Paul, was an open racist so I guess a lot of these slow witted self sustaining pseudo-rebels are thinking: “Well good, lock up more darkies! Ain’t gonna effect me!” You sure about that? When I was in college I got pulled over, illegally searched, and thrown in a jail filled with poor white people. When I just put it in the inflation calculator, I realized that the final tally on getting that conviction talked down to a misdemeanor was roughly $6,700 in 2017 dollars. The drug war is just as classist as it is racist, if not more so. You got that kind of scratch lying around? Nope? Well, then you just played yourself. Fine work with all that. We can only hope the rumors of Sessions being on his way out are true but let’s face it, even if they are, his replacement will probably be even worse. Good times.

Disclaimer: the headline is satirical and not an actual quote.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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Thad McKraken