The Trippiest Albums from the Raven Sings the Blues Half Year Round Up

It’s an odd predicament when there are more great albums being made than ever before by a long shot, but 90% of the stuff you hear on the radio or read about in mainstream publications is overly commercialized flaming garbage. As far as psychedelic music goes, there just aren’t too many publications that even cover this stuff extensively. One of the better ones I’ve found is the Raven Sings the Blues blog, who pretty much deal exclusively in psych and garage rock.

Now, my taste in psych delves far more into weird electronic, trip hop, and stoner/doom metal territory, while they’re far more into the garage rock side of things. I dig garage rock, but mostly when it’s excessively trippy, which a lot of what they cover isn’t. But they do post a lot of great psych rock reviews too, so I typically spend my time weeding those out (pun intended) when I’m looking for new tunes. And hey, I just did that for you a bit here with their 2017 best of half year round up. Oh what a time we live in when you can read about an album and instantly pull it up in another tab of your browser to get a taste:

I’m huge Comets on Fire nerd and I don’t think this album is quite as great as their stuff because let’s face it, there’s no echoplex. Everything should be run through an echoplex at all times as far as I’m concerned. Someone should make a law. That being said, this album does in fact rule. It’s like a Comets album with just the fast songs and way more satisfying than you’d think that would be in execution. 

FeralOhms-entryProbably the most intriguing new find from the list in my world. With a name like Mythic Sunship, you’d better bring the psych jams and fortunately, they 100% do. 


Moon Duo lost me a bit with their Mazes album a few years back. It was like they were trying to be legit songwriters rather than space cadets for spell. Fortunately they’ve rectified that, and both their new Occult Architecture albums rule, although I do in fact think Volume 1 is a tad more focused. 


Very good Kraut rock-y vibes from Sweden that I’d never encountered before. Certainly worth your perusal. 


Another band I hadn’t heard of and not necessarily psych per se, but sort of Sonic Youth style guitar caterwaul rock. I’m not sure why that genre isn’t way bigger than it currently is and any band that even attempts it gets mad points in my world. 


Again, I can’t say this is super psychedelic per se, although it is certainly stoner friendly. I just love the doped up creepy vibes of the thing. Reminds me of Twin Peaks in a way. 

BOD-entryAnywho, I have by no means listened to everything on this list, so I highly recommend heading over to the site and giving some of this stuff a test drive. If you dig any of the albums you hear, please actually buy them if you have the cash. Thanks in advance for that. 

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken