I’m new here. Kinda. New as a contributor. I have been visiting Disinfo.com forever.  At home, I got the old DVD with the tv show (maybe we should bring that back) and a few books disinfo published. Needless to say that since this place introduced me to a lot of cool stuff over the years, I’m really happy I got some of my comics published on this web site.

And now I need Disinfo.com to help me again.

About two years ago, I’ve been given a hand made book with blank pages. My good friend is a book binder and he gave it to me. Since it was sweet gift, I had to make something extra cool with it.

I decided that every time I had a few hours to kill, I’d do a comic in it with that character you’ve been seeing here. He’s actually a mix of Gaston Lagaffe, It from Adam’s family, a Ramone and Otto from the Simpsons. I’ve been doodling this character for a while but never really gave him a name. What popped in my mind was BUD. It worked whether the jokes were in french or english, it was simple and catchy, it was perfect.

Once the book was filled with drawings, I called it THE BOOK OF BUD!




Every November in Montréal, we have a thing called EXPOZINE. It’s a event where people sell their zines/comics/whatever.

It’s pretty cool and I usually sell stuff there. I was really proud with the result of the Book Of Bud (let’s call it BOB for fun) so I printed 25 copies, kept 2 and brought the 23 other copies to sell at that fair.

The people who read it gave me great comments and seemed to really like it.

I was super happy (ok, I’m never super happy so let’s say HAPPIER thsn usual) with the result. Besides I was selling a lot of them.






So something had to go wrong, right? SPOILER ALERT!

Yeah, something did.

Some guy who always comes to chat with me at those kind of events, stopped, looked at my book and said; HE REALLY LOOKS LIKE BUDDY BRADLEY.

I had no idea what he was talking about. So I looked it up and it was true. What a downer. First of all, I couldn’t believe that I never read Buddy Bradley comics and, and second of all,  that no one else mentioned it to me. After a lot of thinking and drinking, I decided to email Peter Bagge, the well known (except by me it seems) artist and ask him for advice. I explained the situation and asked him that if he felt the characters were too similar, I’d stop drawing Bud.


To my astonishment, he replied! I was impressed and humbled. He seemed really like a cool guy.

His take was that the characters were not too similar and he had no problem with me doing my stuff. The only thing that he suggested was to change the name of the guy. And this is why I need the help of the Disinfonauts (btw please tell me if that’s too cheesy, I’ll stop saying it). In my head, they guy can only be called Bud so I need help coming up with a new name.

What’s in it for me,  you ask?

Well, If I choose YOUR suggestion, I’ll draw anything you request and send you the original art, how ‘boot that?!

To make a long story short and probably full of grammatical mistakes, I’m sure someone in here has the right amount of chemicals swimming in his metabolism to come up with something sweet. Fire away in the comments section, of email me at 96eyescomicks@gmail.com.

Until next week, I’ll leave you with this.





They call me Nadim and I live in Montreal, Qc.
I'm a level 15 customer service representative
and a level 6 comic book artist.

I draw comics and listen to rock'n'roll.

You can observe most of my work at www.96eyes.com