How to Abduct an Alien

Did you ever notice the striking similarities between a magic circle and a UFO?

I recently picked up a copy of Tom DeLonge & Peter Levenda’s non-fiction book, “Gods, Man, & War (Vol. 1 Gods)” as part of my research on the rock stars of the disclosure movement. Early in the book, they put forth quite an engaging thought experiment that relates to conjuring rituals and alien abductions.

UFO magic circle

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, conjuring is a magic ritual, which is essentially meant to summon a spirit or being from another world, so to speak. The ritual traditionally involves the magician drawing out 2 magic circles, one for himself, and one as the vehicle to contain the summoned spirit or entity. This 2nd circle may include a triangle within it which is meant to aid in the containment of the spirit being summoned. Conjuring spirits is some serious stuff, and when performed correctly will often provoke what is referred to as “high strangeness”. The rituals can involve the magician wearing special garments, lighting candles or incense, ringing bells, knocking on wood, and all sorts of other interesting but purposeful techniques.

The thought experiment put forth by DeLonge and Levenda asks the reader to reverse the roles as it were. Rather than put yourself in the shoes of the magician, put yourself in the shoes of the spirit being summoned (if spirits wear shoes that is).

“The concentric circles with the hieroglyphs and strange lettering between them can easily stand in for the aerial vehicle, a “flying saucer” if you will, especially when we factor in the lights and the smoke from the incense, the odd sounds, and the oddly clad passenger within. Even the triangle is not unknown to UFO lore…”

(pg. 44; Gods, Man & War Vol. 1: Gods)

In a typical alien abduction one would be held against their will, in what may very well seem like another dimension to them. With missing time, after being abducted straight from their bed at night, or shall we say summoned and forced to physically make an appearance in their craft. Just as a magician might force a spirit to dip in to our world so we may poke and prod the spirit a bit, ask it some questions or examine it’s presence. A magician who is conjuring spirits may use a wand, sword or other weapon to keep the spirit in check; Similarly aliens during abductions have been known to use strange tools or instruments to keep their abductees in line.

When dimensions cross, or worlds collide so to speak… what may seem normal to the alien abducting you, may seem very otherworldly to you, and visa versa. In one perspective you’ve got a magic circle, from the other perspective you’ve got a flying saucer. It seems like in either situation the one thing you’ve got for certain is… HIGH STRANGENESS!

DeLonge and Levenda do not pretend to present this as fact in any way, and make it clear in their writing that this is only presented as a thought experiment. And, I in no way believe that this reflects a hard version of the truth as it relates to abductions or magic rituals, but it does however make for a very thought provoking hypothetical that is definitely worth mentioning. Not only that, but it seemed like the perfect subject for my first official piece in my new blog and soon to be YouTube series “Portal to Another Dimension”. Providing commentary on the UFOlogy community, thoughts on other realities, dimensions, consciousness, synchronicity and all that good stuff.

Alien Wizard

If you are interested in what’s going on these days in UFOlogy, I would highly recommend checking out Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda’s “Gods, Man, & War Vol. 1: Gods”. A very deep read on the connection between religion, mythology, and UFOs, or “the phenomenon” as they put it. However, as with any material in this field, it should be taken with a grain or three of salt.

Franklin Russell

Franklin Russell

Franklin Russel is just a real guy, trying to live in the real world... and like many of you out there, trying to decipher what's really going on as it relates to "aliens", UFOs, consciousness, higher dimensions, and the true nature of reality. He runs the blog and soon to be YouTube series "Portal to Another Dimension", which explores such topics.
Franklin Russell
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