Will The Rock be the World’s Champion?


Private Dick Mick Malone here with a juicy investigation into the new presidential contender The Rock and the inner workings of the Illuminati, and

Word has come through that certain factions right now are playing a game of Rosicrucian Chess.  One anonymous online source described a Temple of Set fighting the Sons of Light. Those who want to impose power through ancient Babylonian Gold Sorcery, and those who want everyone to be educated, healthy and happy while they are alive.  Similarly from a completely different, but mystical source word is that the Temple of Set is feeding red hypnosis pills to children, but the Sons of Light have mixed all the red pills and blue pills together.  Certain PsyOps called the Anti Change agents are working hard to impose constraints by claiming that certain institutions and bureaucratic behavior are ancient for a reason.  Through trends in memeing culture and modern dialogue it is becoming apparent that sympathy for a reawakening and articulation of what modern society means needs to be tweaked.

In comes a new player. The Rock.  Most people would take his candidacy as a lame duck or a fad, but unlike Donald Trump.. The Rock may be embracing universal healthcare and education thus in turn embracing the Bernie Sanders community.  If Bernie Sanders endorsed The Rock this could lend him tremendous Grass Roots Activism support.  As an investigator I tend to think that is precisely what he will do, but furthermore I see him physical training with the Troops and wrestling with them.  Yes, one thing that is apparent is that The Rock cares about the American Flag and health.  He has made both these assertions quite clear in his behavior and choices of roles and philanthropy.  We can assume The Rock has been planning this since he heard of Donald Trump winning the presidency.  I imagine that The Rock has enough courage to stand up for items like Dental Plans, Tampons and diapers from SNAP benefits and women’s dignity and rights.

This is to say that historically speaking we can say he fits the Archetype of Mark Antony.  Mark Antony was very popular amongst the poor Roman Citizenry, and rose in power when the Senate learned the power of the people’s choices.  Marc Antony was also extremely popular for hunting with the soldiers, and inspired enough confidence to get them to follow him in the 2nd Triumvirate despite his low upbringing.  That being said we could likely see him being much more diplomatic domestically and nationally than Donald Trump.  We have to wonder if The Rock was inspired by the men in black or some Illuminati agent to Dwayne Johnson at a bar or party.  The historical significance of Julius Caesar, Wrestler/Gladiators and Romanesque contenders for the worlds largest principality and power is nearly absurd when compared to modern politics.  Similarly Illuminati references to The Rock can be found throughout mystical, occult and religious symbolism.  More than one person has referenced the Philosopher’s Stone to me recently.  We shall find out whether he is a global hero, but for now he is much better to cheer than Donald Trump or Ted Nugent who might be running for senate.  Either way The Rock is 20 times more Adonis than Obama was.  We can only hope he is not a member of The Temple of Set.  AKA Dark Illuminoid.

Private Dick Mick Malone
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