Barack Obama: Savior of the Firearm and Survivalist Industries

In my mind, the MOST insane thing that’s come out since the election (and that’s saying a lot) is that Obama fear mongering was apparently the primary factor holding the gun industry together. Think about that for a minute. The main reason people were buying so many guns had to do with this irrational (and intentionally propagated) notion that soon they wouldn’t be able to anymore because…uhhh…a relatively powerless right wing centrist party was going to take them away I guess?

Don’t believe me? Here’s one of a shitton of articles about the phenomenon you can find on the interwebs. If you don’t trust the Guardian, Google the same topic on a conservative website and they’ll tell you the same thing:

“After years of buying up military-style rifles out of fear that the government would ban them, firearms industry insiders say, some Americans may finally think they have enough guns.

Since the election of Donald Trump, who called himself the “true friend” of gun rights activists, stock prices of gun manufacturers have fallen, and American retailers have reported slowing sales of guns and firearms accessories.

The number of gun background checks processed each month, a rough proxy for gun sales, has dropped compared to last year, except for May, the month a suicide bomber attacked an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, leaving 22 people dead. Major terrorist incidents have been shown to drive increased sales in the past.

“The fact that everyone perceived Obama to be anti-gun and wants to take your gun rights away made everybody buy, buy, buy until everybody had a surplus,” said Jeremiah Blasi, the marketing director for Mid America Armament, a small firearms and firearm accessories manufacturer based in Pryor, Oklahoma.

“I think people have gotten … I think I’d use the word complacent,” Blasi said. Because Trump appears to be supportive of gun owners, “nobody’s as concerned that we’re going to lose gun rights in the immediate future”.

It’s the great irony of America’s gun debate: anti-gun politicians boost profits for the firearms industry, and pro-gun politicians hurt them.

The perverse dynamics of the gun market have long turned political attempts to change the role of guns in American life into massive marketing campaigns.

Barack Obama, who led the most serious push for tougher gun control laws in more than a decade, was called “the best gun salesman on the planet”. In contrast, the current president’s influence on the gun industry has been labeled the “Trump slump”.

Blasi said Mid America Armament’s sales were down about 25% compared with last year, and sales at gun shows had dropped even more steeply, about 50%.”

Read the rest over at the Guardian

I..uhhhh. This is the world we live in. I can’t say I should be surprised. Back in 2008 right after Obama got elected I found myself at a Thanksgiving dinner with my wife’s Evangelical family. Their friends from Texas were in town and discussing how they were going to stock up on firearms before they got taken away. I’m normally a pretty talkative dude but I sat at the table mostly silent for the better part of 2 hours in that situation because, well, how do you even respond to that shit?

As it turns out, Obama didn’t do dick to take away anyone’s guns, albeit his administration probably would have done something incredibly minor if he didn’t get cockblocked by the Republican house and senate. Y’all foiled that Sandy Hook conspiracy. They faked that shit for nothing. So if you happen to be wondering why the NRA has now lost it’s mind and is declaring war on half the country, that’d be why.

Anywho, what’s even more insane is that the survivalist industry has also been adversely affected by the confidence and security that only a compulsive lying reality TV star with zero experience in politics can bring (from Salon):

During Barack Obama’s presidency, conservative doomsday peddlers cashed in on the paranoia they helped spread, selling firearms, prepper food, and survivalist gear to the followers they convinced that the end was near. Now, these apocalypse hucksters are facing a dilemma in the form of Donald Trump. While most enthusiastically supported Trump’s presidential run—some even hailing him as a savior—the Trump presidency has been damaging to their bottom lines.

Gun sales, for example, have nosedived now that far-right activists can’t claim that Obama or Hillary Clinton is this close to confiscating guns and rounding up gun owners.Michael Snyder, a conservative pundit and prepper, wrote in December that “sales of emergency food and supplies have been crashing since Donald Trump’s surprise election victory.”

“In fact,” he wrote, “it is like a nuclear bomb went off in the prepping community.”

It’s understandable that these merchants of doom would run into some problems following Trump’s election. Many on the extreme Right predicted that Obama was dead set on imposing tyranny, cracking down on dissent, and crushing freedom, whether by invading Texas under the guise of the Jade Helm 15 military exercise or setting up death panels with a hidden provision of Obamacare.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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