Deadhead Comicks issue #1

True Unbelievers!

Let me tell you a tale. A long time ago, me and my friend, started to write a comic book. We were both comic fans and we had nothing else to do. My friend Sébastien did the writing, I did the drawings but after four issues my partner, even with all the talent he had, decided to do other stuff. So I kept on doing the comics because, not only I felt it started to get a life on it’s own, it kept giving me ideas that I thought were worth doing. I’m probably crazy but I’ve keep working on the same series for at least 10 years, I think. When I had time I sold copies at events like comic book conventions, zine fairs and on the streets of Montréal. Obviously I didn’t make money with this thing but I met a lot of cool people and it gave me a lot of cool memories.

I always hoped I could get a bigger audience. That’s why I’m gonna post my whole comic on DISINFO weekly. (Until the powers at DISINFO kick me out)  Hopefully some people will enjoy it for what it is, an unpretentious comic written to mindbend, entertain and, maybe, turn on non comic fans to the comic world.









More pages next week!

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They call me Nadim and I live in Montreal, Qc.
I'm a level 15 customer service representative
and a level 6 comic book artist.

I draw comics and listen to rock'n'roll.

You can observe most of my work at