Get Wrecked: Sarah Wreck’s Shitty Occult Comics

Being that I’m addicted to the search for endless Internet ephemera, esoterica, and of course those dank may-mays, it should be no surprise that I (as so many others) became drawn to a series of short, hand-drawn webcomics that go by the name “Shitty Occult Comics” which are released fairly regularly by the talented Sarah Wreck.



The comics were merely a glimpse into the mind of an intelligent and humorous modern occultist. But don’t let the comedic gold that is S.O.C’s fool you, she knows her stuff. Sarah Wreck has published two books, “Shitty Occult Comics (Volume One)” and “Slaughter of the Snake”, both which can be found on Amazon. The first is (as the name implies) a collection of her comics, and the second is a semi-autobiographical, semi-allegorical tale of her tumbling into the mystical and magical. Sarah is also a contributor to CVLT Nation (you can find her articles here).


I had the good fortune to be able to contact Sarah online, and ask her some questions about herself, her practices and of course, her comics.

Equanimous Rex: How would you describe your occult practices to someone, in five words or less, to most accurately communicate what you’re all about?

Sarah Wreck: My practices seem to revolve these days around trying to handle my life as best I can as being someone that’s not only a seer, but one that attracts people that need paranormal help. Complex situations are constantly presented to me, and often rituals or operations are necessary in order to react in the most strategic and honest way I can to explore situations and hopefully better the world as well as myself. My worldview is very different from the average occultist because of my background, so I have to wary of the differences in what my priorities are, and what makes the most sense for me, as opposed to other occultists who approach magic from a different context.


EQ: Are you a fan of any webcomics / comics / graphic novels? Have any inspired your S.O.C’s?

SW: Absolutely. I used to be extremely obsessed with comics in my early teens, because I was fascinated with how much information they could convey. A picture says a thousand words, but a picture with text included can convey much more abstract concepts.


EQ: Why did you become an occultist?

SW: I’ve been fascinated with studying magic since I can remember. My studies peaked during my teens. When I was struggling with being an untrained seer with no guidance, occult texts gave me something to focus on, to distract myself from everything that I was experiencing. If I started going into trance state or felt someone else’s emotions or past too strongly secondhand, I would immediately bury myself in Agrippa as if it was the only thing that could save me. I was definitely experimenting with magic and ritual, but back then I didn’t know that I was also gathering information necessary for the type of life I was supposed to live.


EQ: I’ve seen you call yourself an empath, which is a term I think many of us are aware of, but what does it mean to you specifically? What makes a person an empath?

SW: An empath is defined as an individual who feels emotions paranormally off others. I don’t believe heightened empathy is seen as paranormal due to it being separate from human nature, but due to the condition not having been fully explored. When I was younger I had a lot of anxiety around people whose behavior wasn’t matching up with the feelings they exuded. They would look completely calm, but sometimes I would feel sickness or mania or pain off them, which made me feel as if I was going crazy. I started understanding what was happening when it started being demonstrated to me that the emotions and concepts I felt off strangers actually existed. I believe that this level of empathy is a primal instinct that in many people hasn’t died out. I want to help others, as well as myself, live in the 21st century, an era of understandable skepticism, without living a lower quality life due to inability to come across underground help.


EQ: I’ve read that you are an editor at Deathwave Nexion. I admit I’d never heard of them before so I had to look them. From the wordpress, “Deathwave Nexion is a company that focuses on releasing and distributing literature, music and art that is belonging to artists beholden of the galactic ethos of the New Aeon.”

What’s the New Aeon? It’s ethos? Care to expound?

SW: I think the concept of a “New Aeon” is something that’s used in a large amount of paradigms, from New Age culture, to Thelema, to various systems under the blanket of “Left Hand Path”, etc. I work for Deathwave Nexion because what sets the owners apart from most publishers, even though they focus on darker texts, is that they have a true desire to expand their worldview in the pursuit of knowledge. One of the things that I like about myself that I used to be uncomfortable with, is that I do not fit perfectly into any system. I’ve often been asked why Left Hand Path individuals were the first to publish me, because my primary focus in life right now is providing resources for people struggling with sensitivities. It’s because I’ve had extremely intense experiences for the majority of my lifetime that has made me savvy amongst demonic energies. It is easy for me to engage in intelligent conversation regarding the more primal vibrations. People that choose to devote themselves to these energies recognize the value in that.  Deathwave Nexion is led my an extremely intelligent man, who I formed a deep respect for through the intensity in which he questioned my experiences, and me explain and logically justify everything I had included in “Slaughter of the Snake”. It’s ballsy to maintain the press’ theme of dark spirituality and simultaneously publish a book about an extremely fringe, then-20 year old girl having an experience with an archangel. I empathize with and value this shameless independence.

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