Hurricane Harvey, Latest Victim of the Mainstream Media

As Hurricane Harvey approached the Gulf Coast last week some of my friends in North Texas—accustomed to August temperatures in excess of 100 degrees—reported to me that they were enjoying unseasonably cool weather. They were taking their kids to the park, having their neighbors over for backyard barbecues. For many in Texas, the hurricane offered a welcome respite from the baking, late-summer heat—but that’s not the story that we’re hearing on cable news. As usual, the lamestream media has chosen to focus upon the damage that the hurricane has caused, rather than all the good it’s doing.

It’s true that some people have lost their homes and business, or been killed or maimed as the storm made landfall, but I’ve been watching the footage carefully—perhaps more carefully than most of you—and what’s clear is that there was violence on both sides. This may not be the story that the mainstream media would like to tell, but there were a group of people on the Gulf Coast pumping and refining oil. They were burning fossil fuels and wantonly dumping carbon into the air, and that carbon was heating the atmosphere.

When you heat a pot of water it doesn’t settle down, folks—it boils. Why should the atmosphere react any differently? And for those who harbor a certain agenda, what better way to make the environment look bad than by provoking it into destroying their homes? Now, I’m not saying that this group caused all the violence, but there are some very bad hombres down there who don’t believe in science, and they didn’t help the situation. You had these two groups, coming at each other, and yes, I think there’s blame on both sides.

Hurricanes have long been a treasured part of the South’s meteorological heritage, beloved equally by everyone. It is only recently that they have become controversial, due to the antagonisms of a very vocal and well-funded minority harboring deep resentments toward these very fine weather patterns. And it’s not just hurricanes, mind you—they’re going after tornadoes, too. I wonder, what will it be next week? Rainbows? Starry nights? You really have to ask yourself, where does it stop?

If we decide that it’s somehow not okay for a hurricane to devastate the United States of America, what’s to stop us from applying that same logic to the president?