Music(k) Offerings: Nathan Dube

Speaking with Thad McKraken a while back musing on the counter culture, psychedelics, ritual, dreams, art, and etc… We discussed the idea that one of the best ways to explore your own mind, is to create and listen to your own music.

Below you will find links to my six solo studio albums all of which you can stream for free. Any Disinfo readers who enjoy the material may feel free to contact me for a coupon code and I will give you a free download of any album of your choice.

My music is highly influenced by altered states of consciousness, spirituality, ritual and other artists work.

In blending elements of progressive rock, funk, psychedelia, jazz, reggae, soundscapes and at times hard rock and metal, I present to you my music(k) of which I do hope you enjoy.

This will be the first of a series of posts about music, each of the following which will focus on a new artist for each article and will present links to their current musical offerings.

Modern Alchemy


Art Room Music

Seek and you shall find

Sounds and Summer rituals

the oddity divine

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Julian Crane

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