Reptilians Exist! But Not The Way You’re Thinking… (Part 1 of 2)

Most readers are probably already familiar with the concept of Reptilians and surrounding conspiracy theories. Most famously propounded by sports-broadcaster-turned-professional-conspiracy-messiah David Icke, this far-out hypothesis in its most common form alleges that many or all members of the global power elite are not human beings at all, but rather that they are malevolent humanoid reptile alien creatures with the ability to shape-shift into human or mostly-human form at will. Icke’s proposal states that these creatures originate from the Alpha Draconis star system and have come to Earth in order to to execute a deliberate, coordinated conspiracy of global domination over humanity. Their hobbies range from blood-drinking to child sacrifice.

reptilian miley

Miley Cyrus is one among many accused Reptilians

Many have analyzed this conspiracy theory as an allegorical take on global capitalism. It is certainly true, at least, that humanity is collectively oppressed by Earth’s dominant socioeconomic system, and that this system is dominated by, operated by, and designed to privilege a small class of people. Bushes, Clintons, Kings and Queens, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Kardashians and most other accused reptilians belong to the very upper crusts of the elite upper class, with intersecting privileges piled up like an exceptional suite of score multipliers in a video game. The prevalence of profit-and-power-motivated ideologically-indoctrinating mind-control techniques employed (consciously or unconsciously) in our media through advertisements as well as through the corrupted art that makes up most media products (TV, Film, Magazines, etc) could definitely be served by metaphors of super-powered aliens. It is certainly easy to see why an open-minded skeptic might read the Reptilian thesis as an exaggeration of the parasitical relationship between those it accuses and most of humanity through dominator culture and capitalist exploitation.

But believers in this theory vary wildly across the political spectrum (in fact it seems that most follow an Alex Jones-esque far-right conspiracist ideology) and insist upon its literal truth. Their crusade is not against global capitalism, white supremacy or any other sociologically-defined system of power and oppression. Their crusade is against a physical invasion of planet Earth by lizard-people. And the specific upper class individuals accused in this theory also specifically tend to be the more high-profile members of the upper class: celebrities, politicians, cultural icons. Perhaps this is because, in the minds of those who have begun to understand that oppression exists but have not been properly educated on its true mechanisms, the images of these people represent the power systems of society.

But again, no such allegorical connection is drawn by most of the theory’s proponents; even if the roles of these individuals in the Reptilian mythos do ultimately represent larger social dynamics, this allegory has clearly been made literal in the minds of most of its adherents, and all but lost its connection to it’s original meaning (whether that original meaning was a simple social commentary or something a bit weirder we will discuss below). Though sociopolitical critique is certainly an element of the psychology behind these beliefs, on the whole it doesn’t really seem like the kind of ideological entity that organizes around a legitimate political critique wrapped in satire; while anarchists are well-known to call cops “pigs,” for example, you aren’t likely to find any wild fringe schools of anarchist thought claiming that the police are literally alien pig creatures who shapeshift into human form. Rather, the ideology and behavior of “Reptilianists” sounds much more like the kind that organizes around a literalized myth, as in religious fundamentalism.

Reptilian promoter David Icke may have a lot in common with Christian televangelist Pat Robertson

Reptilian promoter David Icke may have some things in common with Christian televangelist Pat Robertson

I therefore propose that the Reptilian conspiracy theory is a social phenomenon more closely comparable to organized religion. In essence, organized religion is (usually) a corruption of a myth which may originally have been useful, or at any rate may now be useful to those who can wrest it from the grasp of dogmatic dominator-religious ideology and apply it to their individual psychology and spirituality. Despite the fact that a religious myth’s power over human thinking and behavior has largely been co-opted by the ego-schemes of individual human beings to expand and preserve their own power, it still contains some nugget of truth and some potential for positive application. Likewise, the Reptilian myth has been misunderstood and misapplied, but a deeper look may be warranted, as we will demonstrate. Here I will attempt to explain the deeper underlying meanings and truths of this myth, beyond the surface connection to capitalism (though this perspective does contain an important aspect of it).

Ultimately, this conspiracy theory alleging that many or all members of the global power elite are malevolent humanoid reptile alien creatures in the guise of human beings might be best understood as a materialist, physicalist misinterpretation and mythic-literal codification of an inspired myth (myth here meaning not simply “made-up-bullshit-story,” or “culture-defining legend,” but rather, “prototypical model for understanding mysterious and unknown realms of reality and consciousness in practical human terms”) referring to a neurological, transpersonal, and higher-dimensional set of interacting or “harmonically co-resonant” realities. Allow me to explain.

Triune Brain

The Triune Brain Model

Using Paul D. MacLean’s simplified “triune brain” model, the existence of what Icke and his ilk call “Reptilians” can be physically mapped to the lower, “reptilian” brain, the part of the brain which has been with us since we (our distant evolutionary ancestors) were reptiles, which is responsible for basic, selfish survival-drives, the foundation of human cognition. However, as I said, myths are more than simple metaphors; they are mental models of reality which allow us to perceive things our culture’s main ontological models of scientific materialism and closed-individualist physicalism cannot contain on their own. We can even say that these ontological models are themselves myths; the “external world” we perceive is in fact a mental model, a dream-image our imagination conjures according to the directives of our DNA from the inspiration provided by sensory information and psychological reverberations of past experiences (and future experiences too).

When we look into the mind, however, the models we use to understand everyday life (“normal,” mundane states of consciousness) have only limited application and require some modification in order to give us any image at all– and the deeper into the mind we go, the less understood the image they give us usually is, often inspiring fear or discomfort. For examples of this, refer to your memories of strange dreams. The deepest parts of our mind (which the dominant culture has mapped well in terms of their complementary neurochemical processes observed in our physical brain, but poorly in terms of their direct conscious observation from within) are not simply parts of our personal, individual-person mind; they are transpersonal, meaning they are generally identical in all individuals of the human species, mammalian class, animal kingdom, and so on. This is where we may directly access aspects of our identity which are universal, mystical, and transcendent.

From here it may help to think of the brain, as it relates to consciousness, not as a container of objects and images but as an antenna or receiver type of device which displays one image at a time as required for the survival and reproduction of the human organism. This requires not only three-dimensional sense-information but also foundational ideas and concepts which appear to originate from a fourth dimension of space outside of our direct sensory perception– what we commonly call “time.”


At this point I’m gonna have to start getting pretty heavy into the somewhat-obscure concepts of higher dimensions of spacetime to explain further. I will do my best to give a summary explanation of the vital information below, but I would recommend that readers who are not already decently familiar with these concepts and wish to understand the rest of this piece well please take some time to check out two particular videos from Rob Bryanton’s brilliant “Imagining the Tenth Dimension” video series before continuing, or at least before dismissing my explanation altogether upon finishing this piece.

Even if you are already familiar with these ideas, these videos and others on Bryanton’s channel are still highly recommended, as they explain the scientific grounding and provide useful visualizations of 4D+ reality.

Imagining the Fourth Dimension


Imagining the Fifth Dimension

So, if you’re with me now: as I just explained, the brain creates our here-now-3D-simulation-experience from a fusion of sense information absorbed from the immediate 3D environment with additional information originating from other moments in time. The perceptions of memories and predictions of future events, for instance, are examples of the brain’s ability to tune into sense-information and thought from empirically distinct nervous systems belonging to our “self” (individual body-mind) at other points in four-dimensional spacetime (future and past). We also employ in our everyday consciousness limited use of our potential for fifth-dimensional perception, with “imagination” and perception of multiple future (and past) possibilities indicating communication with nervous systems outside of our 4D birth-to-death timeline.

Without this capacity of our brains to receive and render information from outside of our present sense experience, our experience might perhaps appear as if some extreme kind of abstract art, nonsensical shapes, colors, sounds and feelings utterly devoid of the order of meaning that is provided by the connections we draw and relationships we understand between the images we see in front of us and the ideas we perceive within our minds (though not necessarily devoid of any meaning whatsoever; in fact, the “wholly present” experience often reveals a higher order of meaning than one has previously experienced).

Diagram of a human being as viewed from the 5th dimension. Self-awareness of this larger, deeper identity (as opposed to our usual 3D here-now or 4D birth-to-death self-image) is the gateway to communication with beings or aspects of ourselves who perceive from 5D by default.

Venture deeply enough into the mind (psychedelics help) and you can perceive much more deeply into the dimensions above time, alternate universes as described in prominent quantum mechanical interpretations. It is here, way out in the fifth dimension of spacetime (or whatever the hell this stuff is) and beyond, that we may consciously experience higher-order, superintelligent conscious entities, programs in our brain’s computer other than the “I myself” program we are accustomed to experiencing (and who believes it is the only entity in the mind, which is in truth a democratic process of many competing and cooperating programs or archetypes which intentionally feed pre-processed information into “I” constantly). Once “I” has become consciously aware of “Us,” “Us” may begin to reveal to “I” the true nature of this whole set-up, integrating sociological, psychological, biological, chemical, physical, and extra-physical (or “spiritual”) truths into emotionally-charged symbolic dream-experiences, just like “Us” normally does with local sense-information during mundane consciousness where “I” is not aware of “Us”’s influence.

Countless reports across history and geography of psychedelic, religious, magickal, paranormal and UFO/alien-abduction experiences serve as potential evidence for this reality, and many techniques have been developed across cultures for accessing it deliberately. Though its manifestation is highly subjective, perhaps due to the lack of a consensus-model among humanity for it, there appear to be some objectively verifiable patterns from person-to-person when it comes to the empirical experience of the fifth dimension as a relatively-physical space accessed by turning one’s consciousness into the mind (I say relatively-physical because, while this realm is often called “spiritual,” it seems to me that the distinction between “spiritual” and “material” is mostly pragmatic, and ultimately relative to whichever perspective one is perceiving from. Perhaps we could say that the “spiritual” reality of the fifth dimension obeys a physics which is much more easily influenced by the whims of the individual mind, or that during a fifth dimensional experience, physical “laws” are lucidly revealed to be “habits” or thought-patterns of a larger mind in which we participate. But this question is probably for another article, or even a future science.).

This variety of strange experience is consistently described as an entrance into a wider space wherein conscious entities dwell and influence our 3D reality (which is truly but a cross-section, or “slice” of it), or a penetration into 3D reality by such entities whose existence is normally (apparently) “external” to our 3D “slice” (but still exerts influence over it). These higher-order beings appear to generate our thoughts and direct our behavior; their power over us when we are not in conscious relationship to them is incredible. In this unconscious default state, the archetypes/mind-programs/fifth-dimensional beings are our gods, our ultimate authorities; anything they say we believe without question, we follow their execution of our DNA-program’s commands with near-absolute obedience. From a perspective outside of time, they arrange our life story like a mosaic out of the infinite possibilities in the multiverse (what we call our “imagination”). Conscious communication and interaction with these daemonic spirits/transneurological intelligences is how magick is done.

Continued in Part Two