Reptilians Exist! But Not The Way You’re Thinking… (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from Part One

As our higher brain (neocortex) connects us to 5D beings motivated by humanistic, spiritual, intelligent purposes of communication, cooperation, and creativity, the lowest part of the brain, the reptilian brain stem, brings us into contact with the most basic, survival-oriented entities in the fifth-dimensional collective unconscious mind, beings who manipulate human behavior for “low-vibrational,” animalistic, lower-chakric, terrestrial-circuit intentions, motivated by what we could call a “taste” for such spiritual energy (NOTE: while all parts of the brain provide interface with some extradimensional consciousness, “good” or “bad,” conscious, self-determined interface with these beings has only recently in our evolutionary history become possible through development of the neocortex).

Alex Grey's "Despair" illustrates the influence of "Reptilian" type beings on a human life

Alex Grey’s “Despair” illustrates the influence of “Reptilian”-type beings on a human life

When I say these beings have a “taste” for the spiritual energy of primitive human behavior, I don’t mean it’s their favorite drink on the menu, that they are some sort of cosmic anti-vegans who prefer to eat suffering when they could just as well consume joy just because they’re dicks (although it may be useful at times to think of them this way). This phrasing is a figurative way of expressing the reality that the existence of “reptilian,” “demonic,” or “archonic” beings is defined by their production of these themes in the human narrative (and any other narratives in the multiverse which have followed a comparable evolutionary path); they are not so much malevolent as they are self-preserving and role-fulfilling. Primitive behavior, whether or not it causes suffering (though it usually does, of course), is the only thing these beings can “eat.”

Understanding consciousness (as in “activity of the mind” or “mentation” rather than as in “awareness”) as a transcendent substratum of being which apparently interacts with individualized linear physical reality through harmonic resonance between aspects of each, the pataphor (meta-metaphor) of “The Reptilians” describes these higher-dimensional beings’ relationship to us by means of their resonance with the neurology of the reptilian lower brain. This “harmonic resonance” postulate is simple and (with the proper perspective) intuitively understood as follows:

The universe is infinite. This should be intuitively obvious, at least on a subconscious level, to anyone who is not absolutely buried in their cultural conditioning. Why is there something rather than nothing? Because when you have nothing, you have no limits, and anything can happen, so everything does happen. Over infinite time and in infinite space, there is no way any possibility wouldn’t eventually be realized. This means everything imaginable happens somewhere, somewhen, and it’s all a part of one integrated process, a unified system.

Our mental division of this system into individual “things” or “objects” described by their relationships to one another is not based in any objective separation, it is an entirely pragmatic psychological projection. Really, everything happens together, and every “event” causes and is caused by every other, but for practical purposes we humans like to isolate and map out specific causal relationships within the larger system. For most of us, this projective modeling capacity has only so far been used to understand the outer world experienced through the senses, but it can also be applied inwardly.

Our brains see things from our local environment as well as from other dimensions, and in other dimensions, other, more complex brains see things from our own universe and others. Things happen there, corresponding things happen here. The connection cannot be observed with 3-dimensional tools and sense organs, as it is a transdimensional connection of minds.

Say you decide to kill an attacker because your mind is flooded with images of their death colored with emotions of relief and catharsis. Well, somewhere out in the multiverse there are 5D beings watching your life like a TV show, rooting for you to kill this person, because such acts keep them alive just as they keep you alive. The status of these beings as mentally-constructed individual objects separated from the continuum of true being is dependent on their operational function within the cosmic mind-theater as producers of certain narrative themes, which coincide with survival-oriented operational functions of your neurology in the context of our relative matrix-reality.

It makes sense then to posit or describe these beings as the mechanism which transfers the future image of this person’s death into your present mind out of all the other possible futures they can perceive simultaneously (or at the very least that it is an odd coincidence that such beings are out there casting votes for outcomes in our reality while we ourselves are debating between future possibilities which we somehow can perceive with our minds, despite the fact that those possibilities are not physically present). In the same way that striking a tuning fork next to another of identical size and shape will cause both to sound, human choices and the choices of related extradimensional entities resonate with one another.  From one perspective, these beings are external entities acting upon “I,” from another, they are further “selves” through which “I” operate.

I should note here that while many versions of the Reptilian conspiracy theory, including Icke’s, do describe them as originating from a higher dimension, the way in which this is described and its context within the larger theory clearly indicates an inaccurate and unscientific understanding of dimensionality, as we will further discuss shortly.

I hypothesize that this powerful gnostic revelation regarding a spiritual phenomenon affecting all of humanity has made its way out of occult guardianship to the mass culture to be deeply misunderstood and twisted into an inaccurate conspiracy theory implicating specific individual physical human beings who frequently appear in mass media and who exemplify Reptilian psychospiritual characteristics as shape-shifters representing a physical alien infiltration and covert domination of human society. The economic and political elite of the earth are almost certainly as physically human as the rest of us. Efforts to refute this reality stem from a fear of the truth that every individual, including oneself, is capable of such evil– for The Reptilians live through and exert some degree of influence on all of us.

As stated in an earlier note, I doubt that the neurological hardware of the reptilian brain is sophisticated enough for conscious interface by even the most strongly reptilian-dominated humans on Earth with the dark occult masters they serve. I am convinced that this relationship occurs, in them as in most other human beings, out of conscious view: in sleep, between each moment of linear reality, unconsciously, through the transmission of emotionally charged symbolism to the individual’s conscious mind from hir unconscious mind, such that the individual believes hirself to be the origin of the dark impulse (and truly, s/he is the origin, as we are all one, but extradimensional beings can be said paradoxically to be both outside of us-as-we-concieve-of-ourselves and yet one with us-as-we-truly-are. As I’ve explained, 3D is a cross-section of 5D; therefore our bodies and brains are pieces of larger, 5D bodies and brains, which are themselves slices of 6D+ beings, and so on). Far greater leverage is therefore exercised in these encounters by the spiritual beings over the physical ones.

I am disinclined to believe that much fearsome and malevolent magickal operation is truly possible at all. I imagine that in order for a human being to engage with the spirit world and the higher-dimensional powers of the collective unconscious from a position of meaningful leverage and control, rather than simply being played as a puppet by the greater 5D beings engaged, s/he must have raised hir level of consciousness to a sufficient degree as would render obvious the karmic unwisdom of putting these internal powers to such selfish and low-vibrational use– s/he must be operating from a primarily neocortical consciousness. Thus, if any shape-shifting of more perniciously Reptilian people should occur, it would certainly be directed not by their conscious 3D human ego-minds but by the same transdimensional Reptilian intelligences commonly exerting more subtle and consensus-real influence on the human reptilian brain.

Nor do I believe that any of these individuals are living their lives primarily or entirely in trance states controlled directly by extradimensional entities without any intervention of a metaprogramming (“I”) will at all, as in a hypothesis of utter possession (though we are all entranced by these beings to a certain degree; see the paragraph in Part One beginning with “This variety of strange experience…”); again, this seems less based in any compelling evidence than in fear to accept one’s own shadow capacities for evil. Plus, it seems likely that more powerful, higher-vibrational, angelick beings, motivated by plot-structural concerns, would prevent this degree of influence in most cases.

The Draco Constellation, with Alpha Draconis at the head

The Draco Constellation, with Alpha Draconis at the head

This model of reptile-beings for internally-observed lower-self-programs has many similar manifestations in various religious and occult systems. The name of the star from which Icke’s mythic-literal Reptilians are said to originate, Alpha Draconis, means “head of the serpent,” and is associated in astrology with the archetypes of Mars and Saturn. Mars, the “god of war,” represents in this model the human psyche’s animal instincts of survival, aggression, and primal sexuality, and Saturn represents the limitations of the physical world, the adversity and trials that test us in life and motivate us to transcend and grow (like I said, Reptilians aren’t necessarily evil, just performing an evolutionary function and trying to preserve their own existence). Surely we have all seen many examples both in popular and high mythology of serpents as tempters, deceivers, and enemies, such as Slytherin in Harry Potter and the Edenic Serpent in The Bible’s Book of Genesis.

The chakra-activating Kundalini serpent, commonly seen in the Cadaceus symbol used to represent Medicine in the West

It is worth noting however that we also see similar models used not necessarily in reference to adversarial manifestations of Martian (lower-chakric, terrestrial-circuit, primal) energy, but also to describe the use of this energy towards transcendent (higher-chakric, stellar-circuit, spiritual,) purposes. For example, gnostic interpretations of the previously mentioned creation myth in Genesis view the serpent as a helper who awakens Adam and Eve to their oppression by the false god Yahweh (or Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge, whose depiction is here more in line with the adversarial, restrictive model of the Alpha-Draconian Reptilians than the serpent’s benevolent role). Similarly, the Kundalini energy described in various yogic and tantric systems is depicted as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine (between the chakras of survival and sexuality) which rises through the higher chakras to bring a spiritual awakening. In a third example, the Hindu god Shiva wears a cobra around his neck, illustrating the spiritual master’s taming of these serpentine lower energies. These images reflect the reality that Martian energy is ultimately our core life-energy and can certainly be (in fact must be) used for good, even though its uncontrolled expression has often led humanity astray.

Observing the Reptilian conspiracy theory for the perversion of mystic insight that it is, it is interesting to note further the similarities between it and a religion. A group of people come together and convince themselves and each other that they share a secret knowledge. This false knowledge is based in a mystical revelation misunderstood and misapplied through a self-centered philosophical materialist perspective (mythic-literalization). They use their delusion of special awareness in order to bolster their egos, seeing themselves as rare, elite keepers of real truth in a world of lost sheeple. They proselytize on a false and self-righteous mission of universal salvation. Self-proclaimed authorities on the secret knowledge profit off of the greater mass of believers through books, speeches, etc. supporting and/or elaborating on its central mythos.

Ironically, it seems as if most, or a significant demographic of subscribers to this and similar theories are anti-religious, and/or hold nominally anti-dogmatic New Age, occult, and/or psychedelic spiritual beliefs. Despite their past transformation and liberation from (or at least temporary disruption of) religious control systems, the old tendencies towards dogma and ideologically-justified self-superiority implanted by organized religion and the wider culture persist. This reversion into dominator-religious psychology can be seen in many anti-religious, New Age, and even occult and/or psychedelic communities besides those specifically entertaining the Reptilian conspiracy theory. This analysis may provide further insight into the religious nature of much conspiracy theory and ideology more generally.

For now, though, if you can understand anything you just read without assuming I’m out of my goddamn mind (though I certainly try my best to stay out of it), I urge you to take up the fight against the Real Reptilians, for your own good as well as for the good of all humanity. Yes, they are just doing their jobs, and yes, we couldn’t have gotten to where we are without them, but unless yoked and put to service as in their Kundalini/gnostic serpent form, they are also natural enemies of our future evolution who will drive our species to extinction and give us very unhappy lives on the way there.

Thus it is imperative (and, if you believe as I do that an evolutionary destiny of transcendence and eventual godhood is hardwired into the DNA of the human species, inevitable) that we who can grasp these transpersonal realities seek to grasp them more deeply, and to act on our understanding by making contact and alliance with the entities of the neocortical brain, so that they may help us make proper servants of the entities of the reptilian hindbrain.