Robert Stark talks to Jamie Curcio about Narrative Machines

Robert Stark, co-host Sam Kevorkian, and J.G. Michael talk to Jamie Curcio about his new book Narrative Machines: Modern Myth, Revolution, & Propaganda. (DOWNLOAD)


  • Intro: Nefarious from the Album EgoWhore by HoodooEngine
  • The main thrust of Narrative Machines is the way in which myths function in our lives
    How the conflict with our longing to connect with the sacred leads to seeking re-connection in the form of reified ideology in the current “Meme Wars”
  • Jean Baudrillard’s book Simulacra and Simulation
  • The concept of hyper reality and how  social interactions are mediated by social media
    Post Modernism and Deconstructionism; skepticism towards all ultimate truths
    Hobbes vs. Rousseau: the debate over human nature
  • Jamie’s illustrations in Narrative Machines
  • The Artist David Mack
  • Aesthetic theory and how artist can affect the world politically
  • Interrogation Machine – Laibach and NSK
  • Aleksander Dugin, Nick Land, and Neo-Reaction
  • The relation between myth, retro-aesthetic creative movements like vaporwave, and the current cultural climate
  • The 80’s Retro themed show Stranger Things
  • The aesthetics of Horror and horror writer Thomas Ligotti
  • Surrealism and connecting to the sacred or primal force
  • Jamie’s book Join My Cult!, occultism, and Aleister Crowley
  • David Bowie Inspires Jamie’s Upcoming Book, “Masks”
  • Yukio Mishima’s Confessions of a Mask
  • Jamie’s involvement in the goth industrial music scene of the 90’s and 00’s
  • The ways in which virtual reality, myth, and “the real world” have collided
  • Alternate Reality Games, the film The Game, and playing with peoples perception of reality through media

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