Stan Romanek Convicted for Possession of Child Pornography, Likely Won’t See Jail Time

I had never heard of Stan Romanek before I caught his film on Netflix like a month ago, but the story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. So, he was just convicted on one count of child porn possession but much like his whole story, it’s ambiguous. The cop who busted him is in fact shady which wasn’t allowed to come out in the trial, neither was any of the UFO stuff (i.e. his motive for why someone would want to frame him). From the Loveland News:

“Ultimately, the 12-member jury decided it had enough evidence against Romanek to determine he knowingly possessed child pornography on his computer, but that he did not knowingly disseminate the illicit images and videos through an internet file-sharing program, as he was acquitted of the more serious of the two felonies.

Testimony in the case came from two witnesses who were once on opposite ends of a civil lawsuit stemming from Loveland Police Department Detective Brian Koopman’s involvement in the Romanek investigation. Koopman led the probe into activity on Romanek’s home computers and was called to the witness stand several times during the course of the trial, and Tammy Fisher, a former Loveland police officer who attempted to sue Koopman, also testified.

Fisher’s lawsuit claimed she was wrongly accused of a crime by Koopman after police heard Fisher befriended Romanek and his wife Lisa and allegedly alerted the couple that they were the subjects of a child pornography investigation.

The lawsuit, though, was dismissed by a federal court because Fisher was never formally charged with a crime. Koopman was also the defendant in another civil suit settled by the city of Loveland on his behalf, and was acquitted of criminally lying in his police work stemming from an unrelated case in a trial last year.

Stanley Romanek’s defense lawyers attempted to persuade the judge at this week’s trial to allow testimony about the litigation Koopman has faced from Stacy Lynne, a woman who has followed the cases involving Koopman and spoken about them before Loveland City Council, but the judge limited Lynne’s statements to include only the opinions she has formed of Koopman through her interviews with community members.

The fact that Lynne’s testimony could not admit details about the allegations Koopman has overcome was not critical to the prosecution team on Romanek’s case, Deputy District Attorney Mitch Murray told the Reporter-Herald.

“I don’t believe it was crucial in any way,” Murray said. “I don’t think this criminal prosecution should be used as any kind of a statement about any of the (previous litigation against Koopman). This case was about the evidence that we had showing a crime was committed that we felt we needed to prosecute.”

Romanek, who will remain out of police custody on bond until his sentencing hearing Oct. 19, believes he would have been fully acquitted of both charges if more evidence about Koopman’s past would have been given to the jury, though.

“The guy is incredibly corrupt, and he’s getting away with this stuff,” Romanek said of the detective. “And the only reason I think we didn’t win is because the DA didn’t allow us to bring in all the evidence against Koopman.”

Romanek’s defense attorney Elizabeth McClintock said she will recommend to Romanek that he appeal the conviction and hire new defense counsel to handle the appeal case, which she said is standard advice.

McClintock said Monday before the verdict that Koopman’s credibility may be re-examined by another defense team.”

Read the rest at the Loveland News, which is probably the first and last time I’ll ever write that.

I, uhhhhh, I still don’t really know what to think about Stan. His videos seem fake, but his story sounds like something no one would make up. Like, weird entities healed my knee? He has evidence of this apparently. His wife seems completely sincere too. Would someone have a motive to frame him? Yep, it certainly helps discredit the whole issue. Again, I have zero clue what to think of any of this, but I also absolutely recommend watching his film on Netflix. Make sure you watch past the videos and into his explanations of them. I was about to turn it off and was actually only stopped by being in the middle of working out. I’m glad I didn’t as it’s an odd story to say the least, and one that he himself draws zero conclusions on.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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Thad McKraken