What Terence McKenna Got Wrong

Terence McKenna has helped shape the thinking of perhaps millions of pyschonaugths, weirdos, hippies, and countless others on the fringes of society. I can hear his over enunciating, nasally voice saying, “Culture is not your friend”, and a certain comforting feeling washes over me. The ghost of Terence haunts the internet and we can use his digital spirit to de-fuck our minds from all the shit that has been heaped in there by society. But through all of his wisdom, he did get a couple of things wrong that I want to talk about. This is not going to be touching on the fact that towards the end of his life Terence had a bad mushroom trip and hadn’t even taken them for years, while still giving his mushroom rap. Nor are we going to be be talking about his possible CIA connections (if you want to give yourself a chuckle look up Jan Irving). We are going to be discussing T. Mac’s views on UFOs and Conspiracy Theory.

Whenever Terence discusses the alien abduction phenomenon he becomes incredibly smug. In several of his lectures he states, “Why would pro bono proctologists from Zubenelgenubi be interested only in people from trailer parks?” While funny, he immediately dismisses a huge portion of Ufology, to which abduction experiences are closely tied. Its quit strange that a guy who talks about Jeweled Elf creatures jumping in and out of his body making him speak in tongues wouldn’t even look into this subject, not to mention his UFO experience in the jungle. In his book True Hallucinations he describes how a classic saucer formed out of a cloud bank that made a high pitched whirring sound as it floated over the dense canopy. Check out this video of him talking with legendary near death experience researcher Kenneth Ring about UFOs:

Terence was fond of the quote, “The world is not only stranger than you imagine, it is stranger than you CAN imagine.” So why would he not see how strange and varied the UFO experience can be. In Dr. Rick Strassman’s book on DMT, The Spirit Molecule, one of the research volunteers is injected with a high dose of DMT and their trip involves being probed by a giant reptile being. That whole section of the book is eerily similar to abduction literature. There seems to be some overlap between UFOs, abductions, and the psychedelic experience. So what’s the deal with Terence’s aloofness regarding this matter? Perhaps he experienced more than just a saucer appearing and that was his way of pushing back against an uncomfortable truth.

Terence’s stance on conspiracy theories is also very strange for a guy who talked about the “Dominator Culture” and how it had twisted the minds of most western peoples. But when it came to an overarching grand conspiracy he copped out and went with “its all chaos, folks!” The problem with this is that longer you tumble down the conspiracy rabbit hole, the more connections you start seeing until you realize we are existing in a state of perpetual conspiracies. Terence refers to conspiracy theories as “epistemological cartoons” for the feeble minded while simultaneously trying to wake people up to a greater reality that has been purposely hidden from them. It’s a bizzare juxtaposition. Check out his conspiracy rap here: