The Sexist Side of Tantra

I don’t claim to know much about tantra. What I do in regards to orgasmic weed sorcery is more than a bit different than what these people get up to for the most part. Which is why this article is cool. It’s one of those, people’s conception of this thing are quite a bit different that what this thing actually is sort of deals, but when you don’t know much about a topic, sometimes those articles are exactly what you need (from All That Is Interesting):

“Sexual rituals among the Vamacarins usually included worshipping a woman as a manifestation of a female deity and then having sex with her. The point, though, was not to promote intimacy or better orgasms for anyone, and the humanity of the women was arguably less than well-respected. In the words of scholar Serinity Young, Tantra “is not and was never about gender equality.”

One ritual, in a text known as the Brihat Nila Tantra, still hints at this lack of equality and respect. It directs that after you worship the woman’s breasts and vagina by writing mantras (sacred words) on them and whispering the same into her vagina, you “pull her toward yourself by her hair” and have intercourse. The woman is an object of worship and use, treated in a surprisingly domineering fashion.

Likewise, other Tantras discuss conferring blessings by placing your penis in the mouths of women, having group sex with girls (age 12 to 20), and offering your sexual consort to your male guru for his use.

The ideal woman is always described as “young and beautiful” (which generally meant teenage girls) and was best when a transgressive choice like a poor outcaste girl or prostitute (both of which could also be either bought, kidnapped, or seduced without repercussions). “The preferred female tantric consort is a young and marginal woman without social power,” writes Young.

Some of the more extreme tantras go beyond this, such as the Buddhist Guhyasamaja and Cakrasamvara Tantras, which contain extensive instructions on using magic spells and potions for the purposes of rape and recommend ritual incest as offering spiritual reward.

The underlying logic is that through engaging in forbidden practices, one can transcend dualistic thought, tap hidden power sources, and unite with the divine. Doing so would result in the widespread Tantric goals of siddhis (magical powers), physical vitality, and even immortality.”

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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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Thad McKraken