Art Baked with Metaphysics, Laced with Psychedelics

Floating Girl to Heaven
Girl goes heavenly. Wiley Wallace
"Digital Merge"

Disinfo holds a longstanding tradition of being a purveyor of eccentric, bizarre and outsider art. Years ago, Disinfo introduced us to the likes of Joe Coleman, Paul Laffoley, and Charles Dellschau. The appreciation for mind-bending art continues. Wiley Wallace boasts work resembling when your children take a school bus detour through the ether of an accidental rift in the time-space continuum, after eating those soggy PBJ sandwiches sold in a parking lot at a Grateful Dead show. You get all the transcendent awe, startling beauty and phantasmagoria without the drum circles and homemade flutes for sale. Wallace’s orphic art whisks you back into childhood, when the universe still held infinite possibilities and omniscient magic. In today’s psychedelic renaissance, you’ll wonder how close metaphysics are to merging with entheogens. The Venn diagram intersection of the two, could be the clean Third Eye we’re all looking for. Until then, Wallace leads the way.


What the Fuck is Going On in Wiley Wallace’s Crazy Sci-Fi Paintings and Art?

Wiley Wallace‘s meticulous canvases depict a peculiar universe in which fantastical things happen, usually in nature with kids involved. They suggest an unholy mashup of Jeff Vandermeer’s Southern Reach trilogy and Jeff Nichols’ 2016 movie Midnight Special. (Why Wiley’s work reminds of works by people named “Jeff” is as yet not clear to me.)

Wallace’s art is what you’d get if you tried to create a Spielbergian “kids in peril” classic on mescaline. Interestingly, Wallace says that he uses his own children as models for the characters in his paintings. A press release states that “at times realistic depictions deliquesce into abstract blurs of bright colors, while at others subtle apparitions make their way into otherwise unassuming everyday scenes.” Yeah, they “deliquesce”……

At any rate, I hereby nominate Wallace to be given the contract for the key art of Stranger Things season 3. (Season 2 of Stranger Things starts in just a few weeks, by the way.)

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