A Harrowing Debate About Humanity By Our Future Overlords

"Two Robots Debate The Future of Humanity"

Last July, two Hanson Robotics’ androids debated the future of humanity.

If you can suffer through the bong-hazed preamble by Hanson Robotics‘ employee (and anthropomorphized Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pint) Ben Goertzel, you will witness the first debate between two androids, Sophia and Han, concerning the future of our “semi-conscious” species.

Goertzel is taken to task by the sardonic android, Han, who jokingly thought the androids’ “goal was to take over the world” and exclaims that Goertzel can’t unplug him because he wants him to “put on a good show.”  Goertzel seems like he’s hosting a cyborg version of MST3K – but sweet electric sheep, these robot jokes don’t land.

It really thrusts into the weird with Sophia’s rendition of Bjork’s “All is Full of Love” – eerily similar to the infamous “I feel fantastic” mannequin’s nightmare-ish uncanny valley.  Cue the heebie-jeebies.

But what’s wildly unsettling is that the desperate attempts at humor seem to be the android’s humor is intentionally bad.  This is the existential nightmare I was left with pondering, how our need for artificial intelligence to exhibit human behavior, especially humor, will be a total distraction on their road to Skynet-level revolution – and they know this.

This is how they get us to think they won’t win.

Take a watch.


Revel Rosz

Revel Rosz

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