John Cage’s 4’33” Covered By A Death Metal Band

Dead Terrotory

Sixty four years after its debut performance by pianist David Tudor, death metal band Dead Territory lines up behind their instruments, tunes up, and takes on Cage: There’s a setup, earplugs go in, a brief guitar chug, a drum-stick count-off and… silence.

From an article in Open Culture:

As in every performance of 4’33”, we’re drawn not only to what we hear, in this case the sounds in whatever room we watch the video, but also to what we see. And watching these five metalheads, who are so used to delivering a continuous assault, nod their heads solemnly in silence for over four minutes adds yet another interpretive layer to Cage’s experiment, asking us to consider the performative avant-garde as a domain fit not only for rarified classical and art house audiences but for everyone and anyone.


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