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Tim Palmieri

Below I present to you an interview with guitar virtuoso and international touring artist, Tim Palmieri.

From Tim’s Website:

“Tim Palmieri has made a name for himself as one of the most impressive guitarists on the national music scene today. His dynamic career has been enriched by touring with Kung Fu, The Breakfast, internationally with The Z3, playing alongside artists such as Phish’s Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman, Oteil Burbridge, Snarky Puppy, Soulive, Umphrey’s McGee, Vic Wooten, Fareed Haque, Robbie Kreiger, Jeff Pevar, Stanley Jordan, Melvin Sparks, Karl Denson, Bill Evans, Ed Mann, Ike Willis, Stephen Perkins, Jon Harrington, Bernard Purdie, and teaching lessons in the New England area as well as nationally online.

Tim’s loyal following hails his strong presence in the jam scene on the East Coast, which he works tirelessly to maintain. Always growing as a solo performer, his solo acoustic shows are peppered with a mix of thoughtful originals, classic covers, and unexpected rarities, each of which he makes his own through a distinctive style of rhythmic looping.

He continues to expand his musical abilities through his many projects; the most active being Kung Fu, a funk fusion super group where Tim is free to showcase his incredible talent as a true master of his craft.  Kung Fu blends jazz and rock, while embracing the groove of funk and electronic dance styles. Stepping up with The Breakfast for the past 20+ years and 1400+ shows, brings Tim back to his roots of original compositions, genre blending progressive rock’n roll mixed with a transcendental jamming style. He also is shredding the stage with The Z3, a Frank Zappa tribute arranged for a funk boogaloo organ trio while capturing the essence of Frank’s humor and musical playfulness.

On and off the road, he is constantly pushing the limits on his technique through challenges such as covering the entire Beatles catalogue in alphabetical order, paying tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Santana, building new supergroups like Hellzapoppin, Seapig, and constantly teaching the art of guitar, music theory, and composition.

Tim’s avid fans hunger for the next time their favorite guitarist takes the stage and rocks them with another face melting performance. Fans keep tabs on just about every note and they urge you to do the same!”

Q: How would you describe your music?

A: Funk Fusion = Funk Rock’n Roll Jazz

Q: Who are your personal heroes, those who most inspired you on your own journey?

A: My personal heroes musically are to long to list here but a few notables that really started it all are The Beatles,Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Miles Davis, P-Funk, Phish, Jimi Hendrix, and Jan Hammer.

Q: What do you consider your greatest musical achievement?

A: My greatest musical achievement is sharing the stage with Jon Fishman and Oteil Burbridge. But big picture my greatest musical achievement is helping people meet people to become best friends, lovers, and spouses!

Q: How long have you been writing music?

A: I’ve been writing music sing I was 12/13.

Q: What was your first musical experience that inspired you to play your instrument?

A: My father and Uncle jamming on guitars. I was 4 years old and wanted to play. They were just music lovers messing around on guitar. They showed me a few chords and I was off!

Q: What is one piece of musical tech you could not live without?

A: I’m guessing you mean equipment for this question: tough question. One piece of musical gear I can’t live without is the guitar (ha), but if you mean besides guitar I guess Distortion/Overdrive no matter what company. It changes over time with pedals being discontinued. Always have to find your sound via new pedals.

Q: At what age did you start playing music and why?

A: See Answer 5.

Q: What is your advice to the young aspiring musician just getting started today?

A: Practice, be the best you can be, sing!, write songs non-stop, collaborate with like minded people, and don’t give up.

Q: What projects do you have coming up later in 2017?

A: 2017 is mainly Kung Fu touring the country till New Years Eve. Always other projects here and there in between like The Z3 and Psychedelic Beatles.

Q: Of the albums you have recorded so far, do you have a favorite?

A: Tough to say because they all have their moments but I’m really satisfied with our last record Joyride. Especially “Samurai” which is one of mine. I love the tones we got plus the jam is great.

Q: What effect and focus do you think music should have upon politics and world events?

A: Art in whatever form has its purpose to take whats happening, reinterpret and show the world what is really happening or what can really happen. There are times to keep politics and art separate or some people aren’t meant to mix the two. Either way – music can change people. That means it can change things and power structures. The influence is deep while being subversive.

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