Art as Spiritual Technology: Twin Peaks Edition

When I refer to art as spiritual technology, what I’m getting at is that art embedded with esoteric spiritual concepts can potentially create profound visionary experiences in those who consume it by means of the power of suggestion. I of course wrote about the astral contact encounters I had each of the first few times I watched Alejondro Jodorowsky’s classic films in my first book, but I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned Twin Peaks up to this point.

The reason for that has something to do with the fact that I wasn’t documenting my dreams as extensively back when I first watched the show, so I don’t remember them entirely. I never actually watched Peaks during its original run, but plowed through the entire series in I’m guessing like 2007 or 2008, which was at a point in my life when I was continually having incredibly vivid dreams. Every single night I watched that show I’d then live these storylines powered by the show’s mythos. What’s fairly hilarious is that as mentioned, I don’t remember the specifics, I just remember the vibe. I’d be in some small Washington town enmeshed with the presence of an elusive supernatural darkness.

All of them were crazy intricate and I’d wake up with the exact same feeling, which was basically: that would have been incredibly creepy if it wasn’t so goddamn cool. Like, I probably should be weirded out by sinister vibe to that whole production, but it was so arty I couldn’t help but be mesmerized rather than terrified. Sort of like waking up and going: I reluctantly approve of that dream. Could have toned down the creepiness factor, but all in all, fine work spirit world.

So when I watched the whole thing again in preparation for the new series this summer, I was almost anticipating more of the same arty/eerie dream states. But that didn’t happen. The truth is, I haven’t been dreaming with nearly the same regularity or intensity as I was even a few years ago. I’ve been shown this has to do with my “graduation” from being more passive to active with my sorcery, which is something I’ve been working on intently. So, on re-watching the first two seasons again, no effect really.

Then came the new series. As much as I can’t stand the ending, in retrospect I have to admit that I have a hard time picking anything over it as the best television show of all time. I try, and I’m like, hmmm, no, Twin Peaks was better than that in terms of sheer metaphysical arthouse weirdness. If the original was one of the strangest things to ever make it on television, the reboot turned the batshit up to 11. And while it didn’t have the same psychic influence on me as the first series, it certainly did inspire some gems (warning: mild spoilers below):

There’s a recurring thing that happens in the new series where characters encounter this dark swirling inter-dimensional portal in the sky. One night after watching one of these episodes, I had continual hypnagogic visions of this swirling angelick portal to the higher realms on the ceiling of my live in ritual space. Rather than being dark like in the show however, it was a portal to transcendent living light surrounded by the circling darkness of the lower realms. Again, just the same vision of this portal to the heavens existing on the ceiling of my art space throughout the entire night. I could feel its presence internally. Might seem insignificant, but it’s actually something I now envision in my practice regularly and try to draw energy from.

(next vision)

After the series ended, I again had this continual visual representation of the series embed itself into my hypnagogic sleep states. Same thing all night. It is an equation that doesn’t compute. It’s not supposed to add up. Sort of my take on the ending in general. Typical Lynch bullshit (and I love Lynch but seemingly intentional incoherence is one of his faults). I was hoping for more Frost in that ending and please don’t tell me it made sense. I now know how fans of Battlestar and Lost feel. I loved those endings, most people hated them. I’m in the hate camp with TP the Return’s ending. Sorry, you can’t tell me that made sense. I can poke glaring holes in any theory you throw my way. My visions are sort of confirming this. It’s an equation that doesn’t add up. Not everything makes sense Dr. Strange, not everything has to.

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Here’s the money shot. I wake up in what I can only describe as a red room state. I know immediately that this visionary deluge is inspired by Twin Peaks on some intuitive level, even though it wouldn’t be obvious if I described it to you without that context. The most interesting aspect to this is that it happened I believe a full 2 weeks after I’d stopped watching the show.

I am lying in my bed and there are guardian spirit entities on each of the 4 corners of my room. I can see the veils of my ceiling bend revealing their existence lurking behind the architecture. They have been shaping my life since its inception, but what’s being communicated to me here is that the languid pace of the red room’s scenes in the show actually make sense on a spiritual level. From my perspective, these entities are moving in super slow motion, but that’s just it, perspective. We perceive time differently. To me they appear to be moving in slow motion, and yet, that’s just how I’m perceiving them and not how they would experience reality themselves. Again, there is a communication that these things have been tinkering with my life…always. What’s interesting is that I’m shown that from their point of view, their actions have meanings I wouldn’t even conceive of. In my puny mind I would think I’m doing something for one reason, to them this has absolutely nothing to do with what why they were compelling me to do it. They’re looking at the macro perspective, I’m viewing it at the insect level, which is why it seems like they’re moving in slow motion.

This culminates with a vision of a naked and pregnant glowing angel floating across my room directly in front of me at an absolute snail’s pace in a scene that could have been lifted directly from the show. It is ascending heavenward at the same speed of these higher dimensional spectral entities. Due to the subjective nature of the vision, I know exactly what this means and it’s related to my sorcery. This is something I helped accomplish and it did in fact take forever from my point of view. Years. But yet again, I had no idea what the real point to any of this was on a conscious level. It was just a plotline I helped will into motion. They’ve explained to me what I was doing with the subjective and metaphorical nature of the imagery (which will have to remain a bit of a mystery to the reader).

In typical astral contact form, I now float across the room and am this thing. I am the room, I am the angel. I am this entire world I’m inhabiting. With that I wake up back in my bed which is typically what happens when I enter these confusing entanglement states. This vision actually leads to weeks of my waking up in expanded hypnagogia. I’m not a person, I’m an entire landscape. I am a god. A visionary dream world. Over and over again as if to hammer the point home.

Again, art as spiritual technology. Watching a show embedded with esoteric spiritual concepts lead to a direct educational visionary experience in me. The more we look at things like psychedelics and spirituality through the lens of reductionist scientism, the more we’ll never understand them. The key is now and always has been a world of interconnected narrative far beyond our wildest comprehension. Only art can help us understand this.


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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken