Debunking the Totally Idiotic Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories

Hey Disnfonauts, John here from Magical Mystery Radio, the Conspiracy & Paranormal Review Podcast. My co-host Adam and I are kinda’ like the new kids on the conspiratorial block. Well, we’re not exactly new, as we’ve been spelunking down the rabbit hole since the early 90’s. But our podcast is new (we launched on April Fools Day 2016) and, well it seems since at least the last retirement of Art Bell, podcasts like these are proliferating like a plague of locusts – all in a desperate attempt to fill the doomsday void. Yes, we’re just another desperate locust, but we have a perspective that we feel is sorely missing in 2017. Disinformation used to fill that void but, as many of you are painfully aware, Disinfo has become a pale shadow of its former self. How sadly ironic, that during this time of the Great Fake News Scare, just when a site like this is most needed, it starts to vanish into the Internet wilderness. We hope to contribute and, in our own small way, help change this.

First of all, a big thank you to Thad, not only for generously allowing us to contribute to the site, but also for taking on the responsibility of keeping it alive. It’s a daunting task. But surely a mad occultist like Thad can re-animate the dead.

Below is an excerpt of our most recent podcast and show notes. Check it out, as there’s much more to come… and we thank you for your service. 😉 

Okay, we love a good conspiracy as much as anyone. But some of the stuff that’s been coming out about the recent shooting in Las Vegas is… to put it mildly, fucking ridiculous! And, quite frankly, they’re giving conspiracy theories a bad name. Conspiracy Theory as a genre, and conspiracy theorists in particular, have a hard enough time trying to pierce the veil of mainstream insipidness, so we don’t need to aggravate the problem with our own stupidity. In other words, you don’t “Red Pill” the masses with the “Crazy Pill”.

Look, there are legitimate questions that need to be answered regarding this event, as there are with any such tragic events that have significant impact on the country. And, as the actual facts of the event are still being uncovered, more questions will certainly arise. That said, it’s important not to jump the smoking gun (so to speak) before we actually know what those facts are or what actually happened.

Yes, stories often get dumbed-down to their lowest common denominator by the establishment for mass consumption before all the facts are in, and the myth or legend of what happened is then parroted, lemming-like, by that same establishment and their useful idiots. What we don’t need are so-called conspiracy theorists doing the exact same thing, but from the opposite end of the spectrum. In short, we don’t need our own useful idiots promoting ideas that are just as easily debunked as most of the official ones. And I say most, because in this case, the official story will most likely turn out to be true.

Not all conspiracies are equal and, as we like to say here at Magical Mystery Radio, not everything is a goddamned false flag!

So, let’s briefly itemize some of these “theories”, shall we?

The first claim that needs to be shot down is the second shooter theory. This primarily originates from the clowns over at YourNewsWire, a site filled with some real stuff mixed in with a lot of nonsense and outright fabrication. The offending article this time is entitled: Hotel Guest Next to Las Vegas Shooter Saw ‘Multiple Gunmen’, by the infamous Baxter Dimitry. Taking several quotes out of context from the original Courier-Mail piece in Australia, Dimitry then concocts a scenario in which it appears that a second gunman (or more) is already fact. But if you read the original article, you’ll quickly see this is not the case.


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