Finance Filches America

Skull on Wall Street
Income inequality kills nations. Wall Street is Destroying America
Wall Street is Destroying America

The pillagers of finance on Wall Street continue acting without restraint, fear or consequence. Occupy Wall Street made the raping of America through financialization conscious, by introducing the now infamous concept of the 1%. Only a couple weeks and change since the anniversary of the inception of OWS at Zuccotti Park in New York City, America still suffers the plundering of our economic system by parasitic flukes posing as economic demigods. We’re beholden to false idols of finance, vile turkey vultures like Dimon and Blankfein, who circle over the rotting remains of America’s economy, picking every last morsel from between our vertebrae. Today soaring income inequality reaches heights usually reserved for Hubble, even after we witnessed the absolute evil of finance only ten years ago. Thanks to the efforts of independent minds doing quality journalism, we can see that the American Dream has a case of sleep paralysis. Charles Hugh Smith is one such mind, doing yeoman’s work in the field of finance and economics. He hands out red pills in the MSM propaganda barrage.

This Finance Chart Defines the 21st Century Economy

September 27, 2017

There is nothing inevitable about such vast, fast-rising income-wealth inequality; it is the only possible output of our financial and pay-to-play political system.

One chart defines the 21st century economy and thus its socio-political system: the chart of soaring wealth/income inequality. This chart doesn’t show a modest widening in the gap between the super-wealthy (top 1/10th of 1%) and everyone else: there is a veritable Grand Canyon between the super-wealthy and everyone else, a gap that is recent in origin.


Notice that the majority of all income growth now accrues to the the very apex of the wealth-power pyramid. This is not mere chance, it is the only possible output of our financial system.

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