Google Sells Ad Space for Fake News on Fact Checking Websites

Man, remember when psychedelic people were all like: “computers are going to solve everything!” Yeah, how’s that working out? How that’s working out is that 90’s psychedelic kids quite surprisingly sold out almost even harder than their baby boomer parents. Which leads to utterly ridiculous shit like this. (From Silicon Beat):

With the help of Google, purveyors of outlandish falsities succeeded in getting their fake news onto websites wholly dedicated to debunking fallacious news reporting.

That’s according to a new report that comes as Google, Facebook and Twitter face the wrath of Congress over use of the firms’ platforms — allegedly by Russia-linked operatives — for spreading fake news to tilt the last presidential election in favor of now-President Donald Trump.

Now, the New York Times has discovered a highly ironic and seemingly nefarious attack on Snopes and PolitiFact, two prominent fact-checking websites, the paper reported.

The insidious deeds took the form of ads in the form of headlines announcing, for example, that the President’s wife Melania was leaving the White House, and that televangelist Joel Osteen was leaving his wife, according to the New York Times.

The headlines were links — and clicking on them would take users further down the fake-news hole “to sites that mimicked the logos and page designs of legitimate publications,” the paper reported.

“The fake stories began with headlines and large photos of the celebrities in question, but after a few sentences, they transitioned into an ad for an anti-aging skin cream,” according to the paper.

The devious publishers had used Google’s automated AdWords system to place ads, but it’s not clear if they specifically targeted Snopes and PolitiFact, the paper reported.

“But that Google’s systems were able to place fake news ads on websites dedicated to truth-squadding reflects how the internet search giant continues to be used to spread misinformation,” according to the paper.

The accounts used for the fake ads on the fact-checking sites were nixed from Google’s ad platform after the paper inquired about them, according to the report.

“As always, when we find deceptive ad practices on our platforms we move swiftly to take action, including suspending the advertiser account if appropriate,” a Google spokeswoman told the paper. “In addition, we give publishers controls so they can block specific types of ads”

Read the rest over at Silicon Beat.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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Thad McKraken