What Would Be The Motive To Stage a Bunch of Mass Shootings? Nobody Could Explain it to Me.

Is there a popular conspiracy theory out there implying that con men like Alex Jones are actually deep state actors planted to make conspiracy theories look spectacularly stupid? If there is, I’ll certainly listen because something like that at least comes with a clear cut motive. You’re the Illuminati, you prop up moronic and obvious grifters to discredit the idea that you exist in the minds of most sane people. If that portly bughouse motherfucker believes it, it’s obviously shit. Again, I’m possibly listening if you have anything more than weak circumstantial evidence on that front.

Which is the real issue I have with these mass shooting conspiracy theories (that immediately flooded my feed last week after Las Vegas…immediately). I do not at all understand what the motive would be to stage such a thing. 9/11 I get. JFK? Lots of plausible motives. Covering up UFO’s? Sure, were do you want me to start? Staging mass shootings? I, uhhh, I got nothing. Well anyway, A LOT of my fans buy into this stuff so I posed this question on FB just last week and spent a bunch of time chatting with people about it.

“Aaaaand the conspiracy theories are filling up my feed. Legit question: why? Okay, so maybe there was another shooter. Maybe it was more planned then we realized. But still, false flag for what? We have a government that’s incapable of doing anything about gun control and we learned that with Sandy Hook. Then we learned that again with the next shooting. Then we learned it again.

So why then? Taking away your guns? That was your supposed fucking motive and it proved to make zero sense because as it turns out, the NRA is too powerful. Republicans currently control all 3 branches of the federal government, meaning there’s absolutely no fucking way any restrictions to your guns are ever going to happen any time soon. So why then? Legitimately curious how y’all explain this shit to yourself. Oh, it’s just a psyop for the sake of having a psyop? Sure.

I mean, at least there’s a tangible motive for faking 9/11. What on earth is the motive here? So, after they faked Sandy Hook, they just kept paying random people to go nuts and shoot people, because eventually, in another 30 years, we’re going to have an actual progressive government that might possess the ability of instituting some sort of new restrictions on guns, maybe. That’s your fucking theory?”

And so I chatted with people about this in my mind flawed aspect of their theory for days trying my best to hear them out without being a condescending dick. I’m legitimately curious and admitting that I at least completely understand the proposed motive for other conspiracy theories. That stuff makes sense not that I necessarily buy into it, this I don’t get at all. What I got was a bunch of people doubling down on the take away your guns so you’re powerless when the NWO takes over angle. This sort of bottomed out after Sandy Hook as I was clearly mentioning and makes no sense now, but whatevs. Let’s also ignore that other countries with stricter gun control measures haven’t in fact been overrun by their governments because that’s too rational.

The other answer I got which I found even more bizarre was the metal detector industry theory. I was so confused by this that I posted a different thread to discuss just that:

So, on the metal detector/security industry is in bed with the deep state to stage all these mass shootings conspiracy theory front, do you get why this doesn’t make any sense? If these attacks were happening at government establishments, this theory would maybe add up as the government might get reactionary and pass laws for increased security, but since they’re happening often in private sector businesses, nope. Let me explain. Businesses are driven by a profit motive. These shootings are happening at complete random. Your chance of being hit by an attack at a hotel or concert for instance is still roughly 1 in a trillion.

Metal detectors with full time staff cost enormous amounts of money. So, why would private businesses spend money on these measures when there was zero profit motive for them to do so? Due to the random nature of these shootings, the businesses aren’t even liable. Cinemark? Not found liable for the Aurora shooting (as they shouldn’t have been), and in fact counter sued the people that sued them (didn’t win). Their insurance will cover the damages. You will not be able to sue the Mandalay Bay hotel for the Vegas attack (although people are going to try). They are not liable for this. So you’re now proposing that due to these mass shootings, profit driven businesses are going to invest massive amounts of cash into new security equipment, even though this actively hurts their bottom line and benefits them in no way.

Now we’re back to the “deep state” is staging this purely to spread fear motive, which is, uhhhh, okay. I could make the argument that people are spreading conspiracy theories for the exact same reason. Military budget’s going up massively without any of these shootings, so again, I’m sort of baffled by that one as well. But anyway, I was curious how people explain this to themselves and I got feedback on that, so thanks for helping me out.

I got tons of responses, but mainly from four or five passionate true believers. They insisted that casinos were going to now all have massive security operations and I repeatedly pointed out: uhhh, but only one shooting has happened in a casino and nobody actually died in that casino. Security seemingly hasn’t ramped up in movie theaters at all and there have been multiple shootings in theaters. One other person was tying it into facial recognition software and the surveillance state, which I had to point out wouldn’t actually have prevented most of these because the perpetrators wouldn’t have shown up on any watch lists. It would have done nothing due to the random nature of the attacks, but I agree, that shit is creepy.

What I learned was that this is like a religion to people. You’ve got to take the contradictions on faith. They’ve sold themselves on a narrative that I’m personally incapable of buying into, sort of like how I learned I was incapable of accepting religion in any sort of literal sense in my youth. It’s not that I don’t want to have faith, it’s that my brain thinks differently, it asks too many questions. There’s a difference between want and can’t. Even if I wanted to believe, I can’t. That doesn’t make me any better or worse than anyone, it’s just the way it is.

I got a lot of the generalized spreading fear motive as well, and on that front I agree in a way. Was this staged by a shadowy government organization? Thusfar I’ve seen zero compelling evidence on that front (and yes, I did in fact read the articles so you don’t have to link them, weak circumstantial shit at the very best), but I also can’t come up with a plausible motive at all. Weak circumstantial evidence, zero motive = not a very compelling case. But again, there ain’t much of a compelling case to explain how a dude walked on water 2,000 years ago either.

Why a daemon would fester in the mind of a lonely misanthropic creep and drive him murderously insane? If I were to wager on that, it’d have to do with our world being a comedy and them finding it sort of funny in a lame juvenile way. But daemons are teachers, so I knew that wasn’t it entirely and I put myself in a trance to find some clearer answers.

“To bring people together”

Is what I got. We are all one after all. All consciousness is interconnected. They’re creating an evil for us to rally against. A pain to eradicate. Nobody used to give a fuck about politics, now people are suddenly giving a shit. Got it, but let’s face it, that shit ain’t gonna sell any snake oil. Oh wait, I mean errrr, natural supplements.

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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken