After so long searching for a home, KREET-N has decided to take KRAKEN up on his offer to provide content.

Piece #1 Titled: DON’T KNOW SH!T

2 drawings by KREET-N circa 2010-2012 with hard drop shadow applied. 2 separate static gif’s with smoking skull adorn the background of this moving masterpiece. Stunning  720×1280 resolution and published as an astounding 128 color gif, you’re sure to get people’s attention. Pull it up on your phone at a party and laugh as people try to understand what they’re even looking at.

Don’t forget that big spinning dollar sign and stack of CASH! Reminding you constantly of where you want to be!

Focus the mind!

Become immune to advertising and marketing!

Own it today for only $33,333.00

*Will deliver to your home address via drone/courier.

*We honor bed bath and beyond coupons.


{AAA} $¥£€ (gg ft2 mm in3)


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