This Is Not This Heat – March 4th, 2017

This Heat

On the 13 February 1976, experimental rock band This Heat played its first show. They were arguably the most inventive band to emerge from the UK’s DIY scene in the 70s – hailed by many as being ‘post-punk’ before punk had even properly emerged. Proto-post-punk, if you like.

This_Heat_1450265726_crop_550x391Forty years later two of the original three members, joined by a number of guests – billed as ‘This Is Not This Heat’ – played a set of re-interpretations of their music at the Barbican Hall in London. It was hailed by many as ‘the gig of the year’, and it is now available for you to stream and/or download from the Internet Archive.

I recommend that you do so.


Born in the fifties, Londoner, cyclist (exenger), collector of 7" vinyl, DJ (dance-floor & radio), lover of malt whisky, slaphead, mystic, atheist, Dadaoist, thief, liar, cheat.