Octlantis Rising

Map of Octlantis

When not stricken with fear and anxiety about what not confronting climate change means for the future of man, my brain instead calmly considers what civilization might come next after we destroy ourselves.

Perhaps it’s Octlantis?

Or perhaps, the time of Cthulhu’s awakening draws nigh. Perhaps R’lyeh won’t rise whole from the depths as an ancient city but is instead being created piece by piece, acre by slow acre, reaching ever toward the surface until the great dreamer mounts his new home…

“The first time that divers discovered a “city” of octopuses off the coast of Australia, it seemed like a fluke. Octopuses are notoriously solitary animals. Divers found a small group of them in 2009 living together in burrows built around a piece of discarded metal, and they called it ‘Octopolis.’ At the time, scientists believed it was a rarity, perhaps caused by human meddling in the environment. But, in 2016, divers found another community of octopuses living in dens built from discarded shells. And this time there was no hunk of metal that had disturbed the natural environment. Researchers now suspect octopuses have been building group habitats for a long time.”

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Chad Eagleton

Chad Eagleton is an unrepentant leftist working on the style of his soul. His writing is available in print, eBook, and online. He lives in the Midwest with a blind wife and a crazy pug.

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