Psychedelic Renaissance Has Arrived

psychedelic renaissance
Neurons to Nirvana Archan Nair
Neurons to Nirvana

Do you feel that? The psychedelic renaissance has landed in the United States. The reverberation may stay, as the psychedelic renaissance we’re enjoying will aim to fix the reckless, immature teen period, we went through with drugs in the 1960s. Everywhere around the country, great minds spearhead projects to bring the benefits of psychedelics full circle.

Rick Doblin at MAPS scored a major coup recently, thanks to the FDA granting MDMA a “breakthrough therapy” designation for treatment of PTSD. Anthony Bossis is a clinical psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine. He also is the Director of Palliative Care Research. Dr. Bossis has conducted government approved research examining the alleviation of end-of-life anxiety for terminal cancer patients, using psilocybin mushrooms. Anthony Bossis gave a lecture about the amazing, positive results at SXSW 2017, earlier this year in Austin, Texas.

Austin resident and ayahuasca proponent, Aubrey Marcus has launched an initiative called “The Cure is Near” in an effort to generate support for Rick Doblin’s work at MAPS, as well as other psychedelic renaissance research that’s underway. Aubrey is also good friends with Joe Rogan. Rogan has openly discussed, many times, his experiences with D.M.T. The following article explores whether or not the psychedelic renaissance will become a permanent fixture. The author, Benjamin Bell, works in neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University. Coincidentally, Johns Hopkins teamed up with NYU and Anthony Bossis to conduct a number of psilocybin studies.

Consider what’s happening now: FDA/government approved research, prestigious universities conducting clinical trials, lectures at one of the country’s foremost music festivals, and rational discussion of psychedelics on one of the highest ranking podcasts. (The Joe Rogan Experience ranked #12 for August 2017, ahead of NPR.) In a country spinning itself dizzy amidst rampant turmoil, uncertainty and chaos, at least one positive brings some rays of hope. Perhaps this psychedelic renaissance will bring a benevolent, widespread, spiritual cleansing to a country in dire need of help. The best thing we can do is look inward. As Joseph Campbell once said, “All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells, are within you.”

The psychedelic renaissance is here. Will it last this time?

Astounding preliminary research suggests psychedelics may yet revolutionize mental health care.  But the researchers involved must be careful in all their conclusions and promotions, 50 years ago, one of them had the whole field shut down.

In only half a century, psychedelics have embodied the highest highs and the lowest lows of the American consciousness – from a revolution in therapy to a reputation for drug-addled lunacy. Unwittingly, when Harvard psychologist Timothy Leary signaled springtime for the “Summer of Love,” promoting LSD as a means to achieve cosmic connection, he also drew closed the curtain on academic research into a class of substances which held massive promise.

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