Serco – The Inconspicuous Corporate Monstrosity

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Serco- Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of

Serco, although perhaps not as widely recognized and iconic, ranks right up there with more well-known, corporate villains that serve as the poster boys of our corporate, dystopian hellscapes. Think Halliburton, Blackwater (which became Xe Services, which is now Academi), Monsanto, or Umbrella Corp. from Resident Evil if you so choose. Serco flies under the radar because…hell, I’m not even sure to be honest. They are all over the entire globe, with their tentacles dipping into just about every major industry you can imagine. They seem to run half of Britain. Watch the following video, and you’ll be wondering how this faceless, omnipresent, corporate behemoth has acquired so much influence and power. We have probably all been touched by the corporate phantasm, in one way or another without even realizing it.

Don’t be fooled by the Aussie accent in the video. Serco has a presence nearly everywhere and on each continent, spanning the transport industry, to prisons, to security and surveillance, and many more. They have skin in seemingly every game, all the way down to a parking meter contract in Chicago. Ironically, Serco began as Radio Corporation of America Services Limited, a UK division of Radio Corporation of America (RCA). RCA Services Limited carried on until RCA was bought out by General Electric. After the GE buyout, local management purchased RCA Services Limited and changed the name to Serco. Between their ubiquitous presence and the shocking number of industries that they do business in, they may be the real world counterpart to Tyrell Corp. in Blade Runner. Give them some time, the replicants are on back order. Until then, watch the video and wonder how companies like this even exist and what kind of danger they pose to our future.

Serco – The Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of