Tom Delonge Finally Announced Something

So, the day that everyone was waiting for finally arrived… Tom Delonge made an announcement. No, he didn’t give us new earth shattering evidence on aliens or UFOs. It didn’t make the front page of, but it did make Rolling Stone. That’s kinda cool…

From what I gather he basically announced the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences… Calling for crowdfunding donations to research on engineering the very fabric of space and time itself.

Of course the general public is going to continue assuming Tom has really just lost his marbles. Some old punk rocker setting out to engineer the fabric of space-time itself, this is a practical joke right? What is this a story from The Onion??

I mean I must admit, I wouldn’t necessarily place any bets on that punk rocker saving humanity with warp drive technology and the like. However, as we all know, fringe science, UFOlogy, ETs… it is an extremely difficult theme to be taken seriously and brought into the mainstream. While not quite as taboo of a subject as it once was, it’s still not the kinda thing you want to tell your co workers or a 1st date that you believe in.

For that reason… I WANT TO BELIEVE in Tom’s ability to bring together this prestigious team of former CIA and DOD officials to save us all from ourselves. But, it’s a tall order, and I don’t know if I have that much blind optimism in me anymore.

Regardless of what anyone says, Tom Delonge’s valiant efforts to shed more light on these topics is admirable. No matter how much others in the UFOlogy community might attack this guy personally for being a tool of the state amongst other things, he is really giving it his all in my opinion to change the world’s perspective on this UFO stuff.

All in all, I think it’s very exciting and positive news, the To the Stars Academy for Arts & Sciences. If they are as successful as they are striving to be in bringing about these revolutionary technologies and shedding light on the mysteries of fringe science, then I’ll start to be concerned more with the agenda of those behind this project. Because Tom and his pro government crew do seem to be of the “let’s kill these evil aliens” persuasion.

Only thing I can recommend is to sit back and enjoy the ride. Whether it’s To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences or a competitor… we’re going to hit that warp drive one day.

Franklin Russell

Franklin Russell

Franklin Russel is just a real guy, trying to live in the real world... and like many of you out there, trying to decipher what's really going on as it relates to "aliens", UFOs, consciousness, higher dimensions, and the true nature of reality. He runs the blog and soon to be YouTube series "Portal to Another Dimension", which explores such topics.
Franklin Russell