Vampires or Aliens or Plain Old Panic?

“The communities allege that the ‘blood suckers’ popularly referred to as ‘anamapopa’ are using some ‘technology’, which involves the initial spraying of chemical or using some electric powers to weaken the target, before sucking blood. The blood sucking is alleged to be done using some remotely controlled ‘gadgets’.

Communities describe the blood sucking process as being ‘complicated’ saying one can be sucked from a distance through the window or roof.”

And more developments…

“Police have arrested 17 people in connection to the death of three people in Mulanje who were burnt on Sunday over allegation that they were blood suckers.”

But maybe we’re unfairly blaming vampires?

I have always had this inner gut feeling that aliens are secretly extracting and harvesting our blood on a regular basis. Sounds crazy right?? Well maybe not so crazy after all… 

Think about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome….so many people have it lately. 

Every single symptom of CFS is identical to symptoms of blood loss and low blood levels. 

What a perfect species to harvest! Us humans constantly produce and replenish blood!




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